Thursday, February 14, 2002

Call 471-6636

I am looking for a 1970-1974 yearbook from Scott County Central. I graduated in 1974 and mine was accidentally destroyed. If anybody has one they would like to sell, please contact me at 262-3681.

I am an active member of a church here in Sikeston and I need to share my concern with the youth group being taken to eat at places where beer is being sold, even on Sundays. That's not the right environment for today's youth and we need to refrain from having them exposed to the temptations that are out there. We need to keep them out of places where alcohol and beer are being served. There are enough places to eat without that and that's where they need to go.

Have you spoken with your minister and/or the governing board of your church about your concern?

I was wondering if there is anyone else in Sikeston who had trouble with the snow plow damaging their mailbox. Last year, they hit and broke the pole and pushed the smashed box several feet down the street. This year, the first and only time the snow plow has been used, it did it again. I don't know if the pole is damaged but the box is sitting crooked. My box is sitting away from the curb just like everybody else's. What can I do?

Any damage caused by city equipment must be reported to the city. Call Karen Bailey, city treasurer, at 471-2560 to report this incident.

I think Bush has an interesting idea, urging two years of service in groups like the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. Can you tell me which of these fine organizations the Bush daughters will join?

I have a question just to see what kind of answer I would get. Out of all the farmers in this town that you read about in the newspaper, if they had a "Best of Good Boss Award," how many of those farmers do you think would add up to that compliment?

A terrorist war flatters Bush. His dad underplayed his hand as Bush is overplaying his with no fiscal sense at all, spending $300 million for security for the Olympics. Why didn't they let some small country have the Olympics this year? It says in "Newsweek" they have 100 Islam trained against us. Those countries look mighty poor to be able to have a force like that. I think he has overstated the facts and so does Newsweek. We're overspending the whole budget in fear. They won't have to attack us one more time; we have already bankrupted ourselves.