Letter to the Editor

Your View: Team pride

Monday, October 15, 2007

I would like the people of Sikeston to know that they have a group that they can be proud of at Sikeston High School. The West Plains High School Boys Soccer Teams traveled to Sikeston on Saturday, October 6, 2007 to play games against the Sikeston Bulldogs. Sikeston won the JV game 3-0 and West Plains won a hard fought Varsity game 2-1. The games were good, but that is not what I want to highlight. I would like to highlight the hospitality displayed by Coach Derrick Long, the players and the Sikeston parents.

After the games, the Sikeston parents had burgers, chips, and drinks for our players to eat, and they were very nice to our players and coaches. Coach Long does a nice job with his teams and should also be commended. As I was walking to the parking lot, one of our players asked me if there was a place in Sikeston where he could buy some goalkeeper gloves. I had no idea, but I saw a Sikeston player by his vehicle. I asked the player and he said there were a couple of places and gave us directions. Then he got a phone book and gave us the number to call and check. As our player was about to leave, the Sikeston player gave him his phone number and name in case he needed anything else.

I just wanted to publicly say "Thank You" to all the people associated with the Sikeston High School Soccer Teams. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated. And to the city of Sikeston, you have a bunch of people to be proud of. They represent you very well.


Nick Schmitt Head Soccer Coach West Plains High School