SpeakOut 7/27

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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Some of the two-lane roads in this area are part of the Mississippi River Trail. They are marked with little green signs that say "MRT" and underneath them are pictures of a bicycle. The idea is for bicycle riders to go cross country to ride up and down our roads. The problem is that they're usually two-lane roads like Highway 60 between Charleston and the old Cairo bridge and Highway 77 up past Kelly High School that don't have any shoulder at all. So, here we have a fully loaded bicyclist on the side going down a two-lane road with semi's going 60 mph both directions. This is dangerous. I think the state legislature should pass a law that MRTs must have at least a smooth shoulder on each side so the bicyclist can ride down it. Otherwise, it's just too dangerous for people on the road.

Have you submitted your view to your state senator or representative?

What is the big deal over this Martha Stewart thing? She has done no more wrong than most of our politicians in Washington and other governments in the whole United States of America. Just because she moved her stuff out of Kmart and put it in Wal-Mart and bought stocks that were going bankrupt, I don't think she did anything wrong. She should be absolved of all the charges brought against her because she is not a bad person and we should leave her alone.

I would like to SpeakOut about Martha Stewart. They didn't give her much, but they gave her a lot, too. When you stop and think about how Bill Clinton got up there and lied and pointed his finger on TV, had an affair with three different women. Hillary was in the White Water scandal and lied and got by with that. Then O.J. Simpson got by with what he did and Ted Kennedy got by with what he did. Anybody who gets out here and even gets stopped for driving drunk gets three or four years. Kennedy was drunk at the scene of an accident for 24 hours and got nothing. Scott Peterson is going to walk free and never acts like did anything wrong, never breaks down and cries when he sees his wife's been beaten. Martha Stewart only got her own money back. I don't think it's right that they do people that way. Anybody who would hold up for Clinton, the things he did while he was president and then put Bush down, there's something wrong. They don't read their Bibles.

To the person who talked about what you wear in church. As long as you walk through the doors, what does it matter what you have on? If you're sitting there listening to the gospel, you won't be paying attention to what people wear to begin with. Mind your own business and just be glad they're going to church.

If you're going to write something to sell and you're not going to give rain checks on it if you run out, you need to say in your advertisement that "yes," you will give rain checks or "no," you will not give rain checks. This for one Sikeston store who shall remain nameless. Your employees need to be a little friendlier, especially your management staff. Your checkers are very nice, but management is not that nice.