Speakout 7/15

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I read somewhere recently in Speakout where someone was thanking that Lanie Black and Peter Myers for not listening to special interests. Well, that maybe one thing but let's also thank Lanie and Peter for their campaigns taking illegal and questionable campaign dollars in the '90s and being fined by the Missouri Ethics Commission and then when it went to the Supreme Court to see if it was wrong and it was unconstitutional, it was. And they were found guilty at least by the Supreme Court and fined by the Missouri Ethics Commission for taking those questionable campaign dollars. At least someone in their campaign. So let's be sure to thank Peter and Lanie for that as well.

There is this local store here in Sikeston and they give credit in their store on a personal basis. Well, they have given my whole family credit, with bad credit and bankruptcies. I called back Friday and they said it was because of bankruptcies which I have. OK, two of my family members have just got credit and they came in with a much lower income and bankruptcies within the last couple of weeks. I believe they are prejudiced because my husband is Mexican and I need information about who to contact about this discrimination problem with the company. It is totally unfair. We had a lot of money to pay down. I could had laid away and paid it off in less than two weeks. But they refused our credit for no reason why except for the bankruptcy, which could have been a lot worse. I need some information about who I should contact about discrimination against my husband because he is Mexican and to find out what to do about this.

You might start with the Better Business Bureau. Call 1-314-645-3300.

I've enjoyed Speakout but never been one to call in but I feel I must make this call. We frequent a small restaurant quite a lot and recently were horrified to here how one of the managers spoke to her employees. She was very loud, cursing and very degrading. It makes me wonder what this world is coming too especially how she was chosen for a position of authority. I've know from experience that employees work so much better if you can lift them and not degrade them. This was totally uncalled for. I hope this person is reprimanded or removed or we will take our business elsewhere.

I believe we should always give flowers and compliments to persons who are deserving. I want to publicly thank the young lady who works the counter at the Sikeston Dairy Queen. I believe her name was Jessica. I'm elderly and she was so nice and considerate of us. She went beyond any required services making sure we were cared for. It was so nice to find a person working in a public place who though you were elderly took time and effort to treat you with the kind of respect that we were shown by her. She made me feel like someone who really matters. I intend to go there again.