SpeakOut 7/11

Friday, July 11, 2003

Call 471-6636

I was reading SpeakOut where people said it has taken so long for them to get monuments ordered for Garden of Memories Cemetery. All three cemeteries, the Old City Cemetery, Garden of Memories and Memorial Park are all taken care of by one company. That's a lot of work that needs to be done. You have to order them, put them in place, so you just have to be patient. I know. I've had dealings with it.

Essex Wire is not closing due to the union. Essex Wire is not moving to Mexico.

If you haven't driven out on Highway H by Bill and Sharon Ferrell's home, you really should. There's a horse statue there that is painted red, white and blue and the flag on it is very, very pretty. It's a nice thing to go drive out and look at if you get a chance.

In answer to the writer of "Local industry" in SpeakOut, unions are not all right for America. What have unions and their bosses done for America in the past 50 years? I'll tell you what they've done. They've priced American industry right out of America. They've sold their hearts and souls to the Democratic Party, the party of abortion, gay rights and socialism. That's right, folks. Your union dues go to support liberal political candidates and liberal causes. Constant demands for higher wages and more benefits have forced industry to find cheaper labor elsewhere. I'm sorry, but I thank God for individual freedom and rights that our fathers died for, and not the collective socialism of union labor.

I am looking for a saddle to buy for a miniature horse. Does anybody know where I can find one? Please put a number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

I lost my billfold on July 3 or 4 and it had quite a bit of money in it. If someone has found it, I would appreciate it if they would call me. I need my money really bad and it has my driver's license and other things in it.

New federal regulations forbid the payment of overtime in a job that requires talent if you make $425 a week or more. I wonder if your job requires talent. Thanks, Mr. Bush, for such a progressive labor law.

Michael Jensen, this SpeakOut is directed to you. More than a year ago you put in the Sikeston paper that Huddle House from Decatur, Ga., was going to build a nice family restaurant in Sikeston. Well, everybody got excited for about a month and it just died down. Is Huddle House still going to open here in 2003? I would hope so. We've waited long enough for a good family type restaurant.

The information we published stated they were looking at Sikeston as a possible home for one of its restaurants. We called the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce with your question. They have not received any information about a Huddle House locating here.