SpeakOut 6/2

Monday, June 2, 2003

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How come there are so many traveling baseball teams? Aren't you afraid this will burn the kids out? Years ago, everyone began on an even level or playing field and everyone learned together. Now you have several kids who have been playing and practicing for months before the Little League season begins and I think it's hurting the game. These children are overshadowing the majority of children who are out there to learn, have fun and play the game the way it should be played. There are probably several beginning techniques that are not being taught to children but there are other children on the team who are either on a traveling team or have been practicing and playing for weeks or have been on an all-star team in the past. The coach puts these kids in the main playing positions whether they're good at it or not and just deal with the rest of the kids. Let's stop this practice before it gets out of hand. Someone told me the Sikeston league was notorious for doing this, but I did not believe it until I witnessed it firsthand. Let's get back to good old-fashioned baseball fun.

I agree with Mike Jensen about Kmart. The only thing about it closing, is that all those people who walked and got in the way are at the other store now. At least at Kmart they didn't have to worry about pushing customers out of the way because Kmart didn't have any customers.

I'm calling about "More on Kmart." To Mr. Jensen and the other person, I don't know why they're so worried about Kmart because they're the ones who ran it out of business in the first place. This is my opinion.

Although you have a right to your opinion, you are mistaken. The corporate owners of Kmart decided which stores were to be closed first and Sikeston just happened to be one of them.