Speakout 6/9

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

I would like some help in understanding a political ad on TV. John Kerry states that in the 1990s he made the deciding vote that created 20 million new jobs. How does he know that it was his vote that was the deciding factor and what was the vote on? I hope it wasn't NAFTA and that those 20 million jobs he created were not in Canada or Mexico. The ad does not say. Can anybody help me on this?

Senior citizens please note. There will be a senior citizen driving safety course in Portageville on June 9 and 10 from 1 to 5 p.m. each day at the University of Missouri Outreach Center in Portageville Call (573) 379-5609 to sign up. They will give directions how to get there. The course is free. You might have to pay a few bucks for books. This will save me about 10 percent off my car insurance. In my case, that's about $120 per year.

In George Bush's economy, the cost of gas is rising faster than inflation. The cost of housing is rising faster than inflation. The cost of education K-12 is rising faster than inflation. The cost of college tuition is rising faster than inflation. The only thing in George Bush's economy not rising faster than inflation is - you guessed it - inflation.

Who came up with the name "earned income credit?" This is ridiculous. If you don't make much money and have more kids than you can take care of and the government gives you free money, it's welfare. Nothing "earned" about it at all. Once again, the government goes out of its way to help the people who won't help themselves. Whenever the government gives refund checks for more than they pay in, there is something terribly wrong. Let's not forget about the people who claim other people's children so they can get a fat check. All they do is get someone who draws disability or are on some other kind of federal assistance and use their children since these people do not have to fill out taxes. I wish I knew how to stop the welfare domino that plagues this country.

I would like to talk about something that disgusts everyone but nobody says anything because it might hurt someone's feelings. There has got to be the bad guy and today I'm it. This does not pertain to anyone who has a medical condition. I'm talking about fat people. Why, oh why, do fat women wear spandex pants? This is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. If you're fat (let me be politically correct - obese), don't gross everyone out. Have a little bit of pride and cover up your overly-healthy body. Almost every time I go into any store, I see a fat person park in a handicap parking space when they don't have the license or tags on their vehicle to do so, fall out of their car and stumble into the store. I feel like saying, "Ma'am (or sir), you might not be so fat if you would walk that extra 10 or 20 feet you saved by parking illegally." If you don't want to put down your shovel (spoon) and exercise a bit, please have a little pride and wear loose clothes - please.

My hemorrhoids become irritated when a business or wannabe politicians use their grandchildren in their ads. I do not spend my money with these businesses, nor do I vote for the wannabe politicians who use their grandchildren in their ad campaigns. I recognize their right of free speech, but I determine where I spend my money and how I will vote.