Letter to the Editor

Vote on Tuesday

Sunday, March 31, 2002

I recently traveled to New York City. I crossed several state lines and did not have to stop, have my car inspected or show any proof of whom I was. Why?

America is a country of many freedoms - freedoms that were earned by shedding of blood and the participation of the citizens of our great country. The most precious freedom we have today is voting.

We have the opportunity to vote our hearts on April 2. The charter form of government allows us to participate more fully in governing our community. I am in favor of the charter and for the mayor to be elected at large. Although I would never tell you how to vote, I will and do encourage you to continue with our "bought-with-a-price" freedom of voting your feelings on Tuesday, April 2. That is the best for Sikeston.

Neal Wagley

Colonel USAF Retired