Letter to the Editor

Your view: Effort made difference

Sunday, May 8, 2005

With pride and admiration, Charlie Company of the 1140th Engineer Battalion would like to take this special opportunity to extend our heart-filled appreciation to the citizens of Sikeston, Charleston and the surrounding communities for their tireless and unselfish support during our mobilization and deployment in Iraq.

During Charlie Company's deployment, the Sikeston Jaycees and its Coalition for Charlie Company spearheaded our soldier-support base, which continually supplied our troops with literally tons of essential products and care packages. These mission essential and comfort care packages undoubtedly enhanced Charlie Company's ability to focus and perform combat missions and maintain very high soldier morale.

The many organizations, churches, businesses and individuals who prayed, worked tirelessly, mailed care packages, put up yellow ribbons and supported this most important cause during our deployment are too numerous to name in this letter. However, without the determination, dedication and sweat of Jeff and Norma Miles, Hunter and Dixie Rolwing, Mary Etta Lancaster and Judy Bowman, Charlie Company of the 1140th Engineer Battalion would have missed a truly caring and loving life experience. They, and the organizations and individuals they represented, made a difference in our soldiers' and their dependents' welfare.

Mike, in closing, Captain Scot Ratcliff, and myself want to extend our thanks and sincere appreciation to you, Jim Schwaninger and the homecoming committee. Your committee, along with Sikeston Public Schools, Sikeston Department of Public Safety, Missouri Highway Patrol, Scott County Sheriff's Department, City of Miner, Larry Carroll and the Sikeston Jaycees Coalition for Charlie Company have given Charlie Company a homecoming that will be wonderfully and tearfully remembered as a highlight of our deployment. And we will be forever grateful.


1SG Dan Armour

1140th Engineer Battalion

Charlie Company

Sikeston, MO