SpeakOut 9/18

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Call 471-6636

I e-mailed you about 2 weeks ago regarding a situation in New Madrid County. I was wondering if this article will be published. I believe that the taxpayers of New Madrid County need to know how our money is being spent. Please let me know something so that I can look for it. We are looking in to the question you posed.

I live on Greer Street and this is to all the Sikeston High School kids who eat at Burger King, Long John Silver's. Please don't use Greer Street for your trash. Use the trash cans at school. It looks bad on Greer Street and it looks bad on your school.

I lost a chair out of my truck bed on Malone Avenue on Sept. 5 (around Malone and North West Street and Frisco Street). If someone found it please leave a number in SpeakOut. That chair means a lot to me and I would appreciate it if you would call so I can get it back.

I came across of the Sept. 4 editorial about Congressional pay. As I read the article, several things jumped out at me. Before I list some of these things, I would like to make something clear. I am glad the Congresspeople and millions of other government workers can possibly get raises of any kind. Most people do work hard and deserve a raise from time to time. However, Michael Jensen's statements, such as, "Hours of sacrifice and awesome responsibility," "a higher level of compensation to attract a higher level of individual" and "most assuredly many Congressmen sacrifice their salary in the million-dollar range to serve this country" translates to me as: No one else works long, crazy hours and their jobs are unimportant to them or their families, or lesser people should accept mediocre salaries because they are, indeed, just that, lesser levels of individuals. And, most importantly, Mr. Jensen, do you really think people are so naive to believe that Congressmen work for peanuts just for serving their country? You said you won't argue or complain about the salary increase. Well, you just did, and once again, you used your editorial prowl to argue a point for your own personal agenda. I hope you enjoy all the Congressional dinners, luncheons or golf outings gained from a flattered member of Congress who was moved by your well-hidden agenda of sucking up. P.S. That was a cheap shot at Dick Gephardt, also.

Please tell me when the dinners, luncheons and golf outings begin. I'm ready but lack an invitation. P.S.: Dick Gephardt is a cheap shot!

I am getting ready to spend an extended period of time in Germany. Is there anyone in town who would be willing to give private German lessons or is there a vocational or technical school that gives lessons? I am leaving soon and need to get the basics down, so if there's anyone who can help, please put a number in SpeakOut.

You can tell Dan Rather and his bunch are for Hussein. He went over and buddied with him before the war. I have a son in the Marine Corps and he said they're doing a lot of good over there. He said Hussein had thousands and thousands of people killed. They're finding graves everywhere. Dan Rather is working against the war on terrorism. He's no good.

If the State of Missouri puts Bob Holden in there again, look out. Hell's going to break loose in this state, it's shot to hell and is going to be gone, gone, gone. Get rid of Bob Holden.