Speakout 12/14

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This time of year when we are bombarded by talk shows and news about holiday depression, I have a few simple tips to avoid the holiday blues. First, remember this is a time of joy and thanksgiving for the many blessings you receive and enjoy every day. Find them. Second, stop focusing on what you do not have. there will always be someone you know who has a nicer car, home or job. Be happy with what you have. Third, don't let Wal-Mart and Madison Avenue bully you into believing that you have to buy presents and/or send cards to everyone you know. It makes them rich and can be stressful for you. Instead, visit with, call or write to those people important to you. Tell them that you aren't sending a present but you are thinking about them, that they are important to you. Anyone over the age of 12 will appreciate that gift more than any you can buy. If you are afraid people will think you are cheap, tell them you are donating the time and money you save to some worthwhile charity, and then follow through with the donation. Giving your love and friendship t others and opening up your heart so you can receive the same in return creates a fertile environment where happiness can take root and flourish. if you don't have the love or friendship of others, go out and find it. It will enrich your life as well as another's. Remember God loves you. Happiness isn't something that can be bought. it isn't something that someone can hand you or you can hold in your hands. It comes from within.

Hey you, who took my friend's pocketbook at the Food Giant, do you sleep good? Do you sleep good? Now you know the Bible says, "Thou shalt not steal." Do you think $20 is worth going to hell for? You sure caused this woman a lot of trouble and she sure is sick. You got her $20, so why don't you don't give back the pictures and personal stuff. They aren't any good to you. If you want the pocket book, put the stuff in a plastic bag and leave it somewhere. You have her name, so just give her a call and tell her where it's at or call the police and tell them where it's at. I sure hope you will do right by this woman.

I am calling about the New Madrid-Sikeston basketball game that was recently played in the Sikeston Field House in the Sikeston tournament. I went to the game and Sikeston out-worked, out-played and out-hussled them for the win. Good luck to the players and coaches. Let's get more fans out there.