SpeakOut 8/27

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Call 471-6636

In the Aug. 13 paper, the person who said Mike Jensen was setting himself up as God Almighty, judging people, I don't believe it. Let's face it. The man prints the news and he prints the truth. I guess that person has either been in trouble with the law whose name has been in the paper, or an unwed mother who's on ADC or some guy who is living with a woman with children on ADC and he don't work. This person has a low life or they wouldn't be attacking somebody like Mike Jensen. I think he's an honest person and I think he prints the truth. I don't think he prints anything else. That's just like people who attack George Bush, blaming him for everything that happened, like things that have been going on for three or four years and it's just now coming out. Bill Clinton's the one who started all that crap. He went over there to those other countries and stirred up unrest, told them how great America was and then gave them money. As long as the hand-outs were coming, it was all right. As soon as the hand-outs stopped, that's when they turned against the United States.

This is to the Republican who called in the Aug. 18 paper about how noble all the Republicans are and about how Bush doesn't lie about anything. I can tell you, when Bush ran for the presidency, he promised never to spend the Social Security surplus. He's the biggest liar in the world. He ran on the platform that he would never spend the surplus. He's either the biggest liar in the world or he doesn't know how to be a politician. There has never been a Social Security surplus. When the taxes from Social Security go in, it goes into the regular government taxes and the government spends it for what they want to. Therefore, the government always owes Social Security money. There has never actually been a Social Security surplus, and never will be. I don't understand why they say it's going to go broke in 20 or 30 years because it's paid out of the government money out of the same federal treasury that the taxes are paid into. So I don't understand the big deal.

They talk about family values. Has Bush got family values when his daughters go out and get drunk, stay out all night and get thrown in jail? Did you ever hear of Clinton's daughter staying out and getting thrown in jail? No, you didn't. Another thing, Bush has gotten us into a no-win war on this terrorist deal. Do you think we can kill all the terrorists in the world? Do you think we can punish all the countries that have terrorists in them? One of these days, all these countries that don't like us might get together. What do you think? You're talking about the Republicans. Did you ever see a poor Republican? Do the Republicans help the poor people? Somebody needs to help the poor people. If you don't they're going to rise up and have a revolution. You better stop and think about it.

I'm looking for a church that is planning to go to the God Stop this year in Fairfield, Ill. My little church is not planning to go and I would really like for my son and I to go but will need to get a ride. If your church is planning to go, please call me at 472-0711 or 481-9323 and ask for Ginger.

Oh, boy. George Bush is at it again. He's going to save the economy with another tax break. The last tax break he gave us ended up with Enron getting a $250 million tax break while the rest of us were robbed of our 401K's. When are you Republicans going to stop buying this load of bull?