SpeakOut 3/21

Friday, March 21, 2003

Call 471-6636

I am calling again about dogs running loose in Miner. The officer have driven past the house and know who the people are who own the dogs and will not tell the people to put the dogs up. They have even stopped in the road for the dogs to cross in front of them and they drive on by and don't do anything about it. I have been told there is no dog catcher here in town and that they contact the owners and it's their responsibility to put it up. So I guess until a child is seriously injured by a dog, nothing will be done. A neighbor has a Dalmatian who has bitten several people. She has gone to court over it but she still doesn't keep the dog put up. Miner will not do anything about this.

SpeakOut is a very popular item in your newspaper. It's the talk around the water fountain at work. I think you should have a separate SpeakOut column just for your sports section. People could talk about national sports, sporting events and local stuff. I think it would be a hot item. I know you get a lot of calls in SpeakOut that you don't want to put in because you have so much big news to cover. I think it would be a good thing for the sports section.

Just like I saw on TV and read in the Standard Democrat, Opec said they will not increase oil production because there is enough oil for our well-being at this time. That means that Opec feels we have enough oil here. Why are gas prices so high? Let me tell you why. The people who have the product and transfers them to oil and gasoline is ripping us off. Their prices have only increased 8 to 10 cents a gallon per barrel. Our prices have increased 60 cents a barrel. So they are making 50 cents a barrel from us. That's why our gasoline prices are so high. Opec isn't going to increase production because we don't need more oil at this time. The companies are ripping us citizens off. We need to protest to our congressmen, government and everything. They are getting rich off of us and we need to put a stop to it. If we pull together like they pull together for anti-war, we can get the gas prices reduced 20 or 30 percent. Let's have a meeting or something like the anti-war demonstrators do.

To all current and future restaurant owners, an outdoor patio would be a wonderful addition on a day like today. I'm sure you would get lots of business.

I'm looking for someone who teaches oil painting classes. Is there anyone in the Sikeston area that does this?

To the person who is worried about the Bush administration cutting pensions, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The St. Louis paper is an ultra-liberal. Gephardt was investigated twice.

Some people are worrying about troops in Saudi Arabia and a war with Iraq but waiting and waiting, that's the Army. All they do is hurry up and wait. They hurried up and got over there, now they wait. I was in the military several years and this has always been the case. Waiting isn't going to do any good, though. The longer you wait, the more it gives Saddam Hussein more time for his buddies to work against us.

I am 89 years old and live alone in Portageville. I can't get around very good on my walker, but I wanted to call and tell you about the best paper girl. Her name is Bridgette and she gets out of her car and puts my paper right in my front door so I don't have to go down my steps. She is the best. God bless her and her husband, Derrick.