SpeakOut 6/6

Friday, June 6, 2003

Call 471-6636

Will the lady who bought the couch and love seat at 705 Mimosa Drive on May 17 please check in it to see if my remote control is in it (I think it is). If it is, please call me at 471-2059.

I was at a restaurant in Charleston recently and feel I was treated very badly. I didn't know you had a certain amount of napkins to get, but I got these napkins and the gentleman came and told me that I was getting too many napkins. They should post how many napkins you are allowed to get. I won't be going back to that restaurant and I hope other customers who go there won't have the same problem that I had.

I am calling about the Charleston night club shooting. It is very poor in the mayor and city council for not closing the business or doing an investigation. Three or four of the people who were shot, the Standard Democrat put their ages in and they're under 21, so they were illegal by being in there where they serve alcohol.

Who can I contact to give away prescription eyeglasses?

The Sikeston Lions Club can help. Deposit the glasses in the yellow and purple mailbox at the First State Bank in Sikeston.

My brother and sister live in East Prairie. They each have three kids and I cannot believe we don't have a swimming pool over here again this summer. This will be the second summer that we have to take our kids to Charleston, Sikeston or Dexter just so they can swim. We are paying two administrators here. We only need one. The reason we are paying two is that one is well-known and has been doing business and has been running the city for a long time and they want to keep him on the payroll. It's time to put a stop to this. We do not need two administrators running this city; it's not big enough. It's time to put a stop to this.

The city administrators are hired by the city's elected officials, Board of Aldermen. Contact the alderman for your district for more information.

This is in reference to the May 28 SpeakOut. Somebody needs to fix it. If you guys had voted for PILOT like you should have, then these cuts wouldn't have been made, people wouldn't have been hurt, culverts would have been put in, streets would have been fixed - those things would have taken place. So you need to thank yourself.

I read where people collect aluminum canned soda tabs to send to the Ronald McDonald House charity to help raise money to provide people with a place to stay when a family member with a serious illness has to travel far off to the doctor or hospital. Does the Ronald McDonald House still do this and where can the tabs be sent? Does another charity have a similar program?

You can send the tabs for McDonald's House to the McDonald's Office, 528 Helena St., Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Perhaps our readers can provide information about other charities.

Will the person who borrowed the animal cages from Miner Police Department please return them?

There oughtta be a law

I read where someone complained about having Howard Stern on TV two nights a week. One of my stations have him on five nights a week. That's a useless channel because I only turned it on one time and it was too filthy for me, so I never turned it on again. How he gets by with it, I don't know, and Nicole Smith is almost as bad. She's not as bad, but she's pretty raunchy. There should be a law against having people like that on TV.