SpeakOut 6/4

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

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There is a big super store here in Sikeston that I would like to comment on. They have gotten so bad that, when I checked out I had my infant in her car seat and her baby blanket next to her. The cashier reached all the way over, grabbed her blanket and shook and then put it back down. For a minute, I thought she was going to ask me to lift my baby up to check under her car seat. Another thing, I was looking for some diamond earrings. I asked the jewelry lady to show me some of them. Well, she passed one pair up (the one I wanted to look at) and said, "Oh, I don't think you want to know the price on those." She didn't even show them to me. What's sad is, price doesn't matter. I could buy three or four pairs of those. The point is that she didn't even show the ones to me that I was interested in. I guess I don't look like I could afford something like that, but that's not the point.

Cashiers are trained to check the carts in case something small slipped through. Although her actions may be questionable, shoplifters have been known to hide products in blankets, purses, coats, etc. The action of the jewelry clerk is also questionable. You need to direct your concerns to the store manager. The number is in the phone book.

The big question is, when will Napoleon Bush find those Flintstone weapons of mass destruction?

I would like to get my 2-cents' worth in one more time about these gambling casinos. You people in East Prairie and Charleston don't need a gambling casino. Unite and pull together and get more industry. Maybe get a big industrial park maybe between Charleston and East Prairie or something like that. Everything that man wants to put in down there north of East Prairie is good except the casino. The casino aren't turning in that much money. Part of it is supposed to go for education and this and that. I don't believe it's paying off for that one reason alone. Cape Girardeau has done fine without a gambling casino. People come from Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky to shop in Cape. If you were to ask the people if they miss a casino, 90 percent will tell you they don't miss it and they enjoy shopping in an environment where you don't have to worry about having a casino down the road holding their hands out. Casinos are no good. The stupid people in Jefferson City would let them get in. We need a whole new bunch of people up there. We need to have some town meetings over the state and drill some new information into these state people up there. If we get this thing turned around and start saying no more to the casino, the criminal element is going to keep gaining in this state and all 50 states.

Teen-agers throwing food bags and cups out of car windows is one of the reasons to close the high school campus for lunch. Allowing students to leave for lunch is dumb. The kids have intimidated the adults, the inmates are running the asylum.

Let us get real. Go back in history. Any World War II vet. He will quickly tell you Iraq was a walk in the park.

The person who said President Bush and Vice President Cheney should use their money for the working people is asinine. Doesn't this person ever read the paper or watch TV? The money they found over there is being used to rebuild Iraq. Why should they use their own money to do this with. Who else would do that in the United States? I'll bet you wouldn't.

I want to thank whoever put on the balloon release at Garden of Memories Cemetery. I didn't get a chance to make it today, so I hope they are going to do it again on a holiday or maybe make it an annual thing. I'm sure it was a beautiful sight to see. Thanks again, and please continue with it.