Speakout 3/7

Monday, March 7, 2005

Has anyone found a 2-ton floor jack on Highway H close to Miner? My handicapped driver was pulling a flat bed trailer and he did not know that it would fall off the trailer. I would deeply appreciate it if whoever found it would call me at 471-7623 and return it.

This is to the caller who ran to defend Mr. McMillen in SpeakOut. Some Republicans have no sense of humor. Why so touchy? Looks like I really "got your goat," as my momma used to say.

I'd like to SpeakOut on the short-sighted folks who sit up on their high horse and complain about things they 'think' they know about.

If the only news source you have or use is KFVS and then resort to using the local paper to cry foul, then I'm sorry. I'm sorry you don't want a global view of the world. I'm sorry you turn a blind eye to the whole truth. I'm sorry you let an out of town station, that does nothing but bash this city I live in, tell you what to think. I'm sorry you'd rather sit there and complain. If any of you whiners knew the other half or more of the "bag of dirt" story that almighty KFVS didn't report on, you'd probably shut your mouth. No, I take that back.

You'd just find some other non-news to complain about.

To those people who are wanting the governor to cut babysitting funds for those who are not able to pay for the whole thing themselves, I hope it is you one of these days that is needing something from the state welfare service; or disability and they absolutely won't give it to you. Those people who get state assistance with their babysitting are paying for it also in a way because they also pay taxes which goes to the state to help pay for those types of services. Most of the jobs in this city are dead-end minimum wage jobs and barely pays the rent here, so it is even harder to pay for babysitting also. So why don't you think before you speak?

Sorry Mike. As good of a writer Hunter S. Thompson might have been, I don't think that anyone who calls his wife so she can hear the gunshot to end his life, much less the fact that his son, daughter-in-law and 6-year-old grandson were in the house when he killed himself, is someone to be celebrated. At all. Nobody who takes their own life should be celebrated, no matter what they might have achieved in life. This is particularly true about someone who doesn't have the respect for the family members that Dr. Thompson certainly didn't have, as those four people must now live with the sound of that gunshot for the rest of their lives.

Just please read the details of this incident and you'll get a different view. Go to the Rocky Mountain Times website for an interview with the family or go into any search engine and type in Hunter S. Thompson.

I was shocked when I saw the teen-age expectant mother's picture on the front page of the Barker. Is this the most important news the high school had. Aren't there supposed to be teachers and principals supervising the student newspaper? The high school already has a daycare for students' babies. The next thing the Sikeston High School will be asking for a tax increase to build a bigger daycare.

The photo was used in conjunction with a story published in the Barker about teen-age parents.