SpeakOut 3/14

Friday, March 14, 2003

Call 471-6636

I don't have very good credit and I would like to know if anyone could recommend where I could get a cellular phone on a monthly bill.

All the millions of people who are opposed to the war with Iraq, we have young people over there who are ready to give their lives for our freedom here in this country. If you don't like the way our President and our politicians are running this country, why don't you move to Iraq? If you are citizens, give up your citizenship and move to Iraq. If you have a complaint, tell Saddam Hussein you don't like what he's doing. Then see what he does to you. It's a disgrace not to support our military personnel who are trying to protect us from this maniac, this dictator, this evil person.

This is in reference to "Let freedom ring." OK, so you quoted the dictionary on freedom. Well, well. It sounds like you are a little bound and controlled by someone's own freedom of speech opinion. Instead of condemning a person, maybe you need to go back to elementary school and take an English class. "I wish I was you in Iraq"? What's that? And on the topic of war, what would God really want done? What is really the right answer? Think.

Highway M next to Cargill's grain elevator Buffalo Island is a blacktop road that winds right next to the levee, is rough. It's hard to drive 55 mph because you're bouncing all over the road. They need to get that road fixed.

It's 3:15 p.m. today and I just watched illegal dumping of brush on a lodge parking lot. I called the police to tell them what was going on and they told me they had no officers to send out. I said that's a shame, they're illegally dumping and the person on the phone said, "Yes, it is a shame, isn't it?" Someone just finished illegal dumping in the city limits of Sikeston and there are no officers to send out? Yes. That is a shame.

I found a dog on Highway P about two miles south of Forest Meadows. If someone has lost a pet, my number is 471-1702.

I would like to direct this comment to KFVS-12 and the way they are operating. I have been dissatisfied with the way they operate for a long time. You need to feel the public out more and see if you're putting out good shows every week and every year and every month. Most of your shows are good, but you always need room for improvement and you never seem to care whether the public wants this or not by sending out questionnaires or not. You should have a weekly program where people can be interviewed. For example, Mike Shain could interview Rep. JoAnn Emerson and see what she's planning on doing. Or have a weekly segment of mayors, like have the mayor of Morehouse one week and the mayor of Sikeston another week. Let these people get some good ideas out to the public. The newspapers just half-way cover what's going to be done around here. So when it comes out on TV, you generally get a better show and better ideas. This needs to be at least an hour long. And Mike Shain could get some real good questions answered.

You can call KFVS at (573) 335-1212 or e-mail: manager@kfvs12.com

I thought the city passed an ordinance to not let any agriculture airplanes work out of the airport. I saw where there was one working there today. Have they repealed it as of March 3?