Speakout 3/3

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Saga continues

Schools do what they can these days and they are going to be bad-mouthed no matter what. If nothing had been done and the issue had spread through the classroom and home to parents someone would have complained that nothing had been done. Students doing the same in middle school would complain that another student (first grade or not) did the same thing and suffered no consequences. Rules are rules and they must be followed. Sikeston Public Schools, I apologize for the way the media has portrayed you. Please know that some of us can read between the lines, not everyone was taken in by the story and we realize that there is more to it than meets the eye. I am just sorry you cannot tell your side.

I am calling in reference to the Feb. 23 comments made about the little girl who found a bag of dirt at school. I also thought it was quite ridiculous that the little girl got into trouble. I don't know the family, I don't know the little girl. Someone said they didn't understand the comment made by the police officer who said about the little girl getting off easy doesn't make any sense. The reason the police officer did that, you understand, is politics. And that's the only reason there could be for it. This is not right and it is not fair.

This is in regard to the disabled person looking for someone to help put up mini blinds. Call me on my cell phone at 620-6268 and I will help you for free.

I would like to SpeakOut about the problem at DAEOC Head Start. The allegations the mother made about the asthma attacks was totally untrue. If the child was having an asthma attack on the bus, like the mother said she was (she wasn't having an asthma attack) - if she was, why did the mother not even get the child off the bus? Why would the mother immediately go back to the center, leave the child outside in the van with another woman and stay in the center for at least 45 minutes to an hour? If the child was having a bad asthma attack like the mother said she was, she should have given the child a breathing treatment or taken her to the doctor. As for Vonnie Adams saying four or five people would be fired over the incident, why did she say that when the issue had not even been investigated yet?

To all of you who based your November vote exclusively on the abortion issue, isn't it strange that that issue has not been addressed at all by our governor or our president? Perhaps you should rethink you consider your votes the next time.

Now that Republicans have the executive and legislative branches, I have been surprised that I've not had the opportunity to sign onto a petition for a national referendum on the gay rights and abortion issues. I'm ready to sign. Where's the petition?

For or against?