Speakout 7/20

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Somebody on North Kingshighway or Baker Lane or Circle Drive has cats and I'm tired of having to run them away from my house. They kill the birds and people that have cats should keep them up just like people who have dogs. At one time the city said they had cages that they could put out. I ask them to put some in my back yard to catch the cats. But of course they never did have any that they could bring. Would you please keep your cats at home? And if you a female cat please have it neutered.

On July 10 at 12:50 a policeman, he blocked both lanes so he could turn into Wal-Mart and I almost hit him right in the back. It is not right for him to do it then other people are doing it. You can not block both lanes just so you can turn to get into Wal-Mart. He stopped traffic. He needs to know he can't get away with it just because he is a cop. He has to obey the laws just like anybody else does.

How many people don't have it through their heads yet. Bin Laden has got kidney failure. Do you think he is going to be hiding in the mountains with kidney failure? I don't think so. I think he is being escorted to dialysis then watched for closely because Bush doesn't want this war to end. If we caught Bin Laden and all these people and bring them home, then we would be demanding our boys to come home. He don't want Bin Laden caught because it would end the war. He wants us to stay over there. His mom and dad are on the boards over there in Saudi Arabia. If you don't believe me check it out with your computer and you will it out yourself. Bin Laden has kidney failure you wouldn't be hiding in the mountain you would be in the protection of certain people. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

I think you been smelling something else!

I think News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd is terrible. Why in the world are you putting it in our paper? People from out of town who read this will think we are the dumbest people in the world to have that in this paper. I wouldn't read it but I started to read because I thought it was something I should read but when I read it, it is the worse thing ever saw. Why take up your space in this paper with such a thing?

This is to the person who dropped off the pit bull on the side of the road. They could have put a note on it and said whether it was good with kids or if it attacks other dogs or something of that sort because my dog was just beat up by a dog that was dropped off by my house. It is pretty dog but that is not the point. The point is that people who drop off dogs, need to be down there at the Humane Society themselves.

I see where someone wants to know how to get a Brownie Troop 50 cookbook. They can get one by calling 471-4787.