Speakout 4/12

Friday, April 12, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the Kelly School bond issue. I know of 20 or 30 who would have voted against it but forgot to vote. It seems like that's telling you we need a complete new school board. If a church can build a building with over 12 classrooms for around $2 million, why does it take Kelly so much to build 11? In my opinion, when the gym was redone, we got took. They took the ag building and made two classrooms out of it; built a new ag building. Why didn't they take that money to build the new classrooms instead of the shop?

To the lady who asked who wrote "Welfare Cadillac," his name is Don Jose and he lives in Nashville, Tenn., and his mother lives in Cape.

I heard that they are trying to get minority teachers here. My son told me his minority teacher is leaving. Why are they leaving? What are you doing as a school system and what is the school board doing? You know the other teachers can't handle the kids by themselves. Let's roll up our sleeves, stop playing games and put teachers that are qualified into certain positions. Not all teachers that are qualified are white teachers. I want to hear something and I want to hear something right now.

The Sikeston system is extremely active in the recruitment of minority teachers. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to live in Sikeston.

I would like to SpeakOut about area elections. When are you going to have something in there about the mayoral election in Howardville?

Candidates for the cities and towns in our circulation area, which includes Howardville, are listed prior to the election and the results of the election are covered the day following the election .

I just read where we can no longer pay our gas bill at the gas company office. Then I feel like those folks who sit up in that office no longer need to be sitting in that office. If we had three or four places where we could make our bill payments, then they need to make them there and close the office completely, other than the guys who do the service work.

All these people who run for office and have their signs everywhere, I think they should be given a certain amount of time to remove them after the election. Sometimes they never take them down.

I have a teen-age daughter who is pregnant. Nobody wants to give these girls welfare and gripe about it and everything. She's been looking for a job and everyone has turned her down. I think this is discrimination to a pregnant girl. If you could hire her, please leave a number in SpeakOut and I'll call and bring her right up there.

You won't print this because you're gutless. But I saw where some people got busted in Morehouse for selling drugs. These people weren't in the clique because if they were, they wouldn't have gotten busted. You can't set up shop on the island over here and get by with it. You've got to be in the clique.