Speakout 3/8

Friday, March 8, 2002

Call 471-6636

I would like to SpeakOut about the over crowded prisons. I'm sure those people are intelligent enough to know that if an inmate has served half of their time, then they should be let out and free to come home. There are so many who come and go home and then there are others who just stay and stay. Those who have served their time should be let out to come home and make a life of their own or with their family if they're not able to work. There is no need to build more prisons when they could get out and get a job.

Does anyone in the city of Canalou know who owns the piece of property right as you come into town off the bridge and to the left-hand side? I have heard it's for sale and would like to speak with the owner about purchasing it. I've talked to several people and nobody seems to know who owns it. It's right before the light, has really grown up and has a black and white single-wide trailer sitting on it. If anybody has the information I'm looking for, please leave the number in SpeakOut.

To all the red dog middle-class Republicans who have paid all the taxes since Bush freed all the upper class of tax paying, you will be doing it until 2090 to pay off all the national debt Bush has incurred with war policies - still no bin Laden.

This is to the person who drives a solid blue semi-tractor trailer with the company's name on the side of it in East Prairie. If you come by my house one more time using your jake brake on that tractor trailer, I will hunt that trailer down for this part and destroy it. I'm sick and tired of you rattling that break off when you're not supposed to be using it in the city limits of any community, you fool.

The jake brake on a tractor trailer is an extra braking system that can slow a truck down more quickly than just the regular brakes, if needed, however it does make a loud noise. There is no particular ordinance in East Prairie as long as the driver is on a truck route, however there is a "nuisance" ordinance. You would have to go into the police station, sign a complaint and explain what the nuisance is. Until you go to the police department and tell the officers there what's going, they cannot take the appropriate action.

Am I the only insane person in Southeast Missouri who was not appalled and stunned beyond belief, when I walked into a store in Sikeston and saw an Easter basket with hand grenades and Swiss knives wrapped up in the Easter basket? What in God's name has this store and Sikeston thought about? I took a picture in case Mike Jensen doesn't think this is news.

This is about the article that was in March 4. You got it wrong. It's worded wrong. My comment was for the young lady who works in ER admissions, Jennifer, that has the smile and friendliness. I was in there the other night and she just makes everything go smoothly and smiles. She works in the ER.

Thank you for setting the record straight. When the original call was transcribed, the wording was muffled and hard to understand. We apologize for the oversight, although smiles and kindness do work on both sides of the desk.