SpeakOut 8/21

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

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I want to SpeakOut about Mr. Bush. Jack Anderson was right in his Aug. 11 column. Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Niell along with George W. Bush are dipping into Social Security big-time. I sure hope you Republicans have a lot of money saved at home that's not invested in stocks or anything, because when you need it, it's not going to be there. And Mr. Bush will still be smiling that stupid grin and think to himself, "I sure have fooled all those Republicans." There will be nothing left for you. There sure won't be any Social Security and no interest on your money. The U.S. will be in bad shape by the time Mr. Stupid gets out of office. There will be nothing for the poor people or nobody else.

I am very disappointed the way my husband and I have been treated during his sickness. He was in the hospital twice in July and only one couple came to see him besides our pastor. It is sad how the people in our church don't even come to visit and some don't even call. It's a crying shame the way they just let us old people go without having anything to do with us, and don't even seem concerned enough to come see him. He's laying here and can't even get up and down or move around like he wants to do. I feel very bad because when I was younger, I visited old people and went and got groceries for them and did things for them. Little things like this would help us feel better. We don't have any relatives, children or brothers and sisters here and it's sad to go through a thing like this.

Do we want to win games so badly in East Prairie that the coaches hold practices out in the rain when they don't even play when it's raining? It think it's a disgrace. I don't have a kid playing on the ball team but I drove by the park and I couldn't believe what I saw. The coaches had the girls out there on the ground when it was pouring rain. They had no hats on or any kind of protection. The coaches don't have to take care of these girls when they get sick; the parents do. I think that's poor judgment when they don't even play when it's raining. It's been raining about 15-20 minutes over here. I feel sorry for those girls.

How can the city ever collect those back taxes? We have to pay ours. Why don't they have to pay theirs? The city needs that money. Can they be penalized in any way? Please find out the answer.

The listings you see in the Standard Democrat are for properties for which taxes have not been paid. If a property owner (real estate) is delinquent in paying taxes, a penalty and interest are charged. If the taxes are not paid, the property then becomes available for sale for the total costs of taxes past due. A penalty and interest are also charged for late personal property taxes.