SpeakOut 6/3

Monday, June 3, 2002

Call 471-6636

No vote here

I agree with Mike on Gephardt. He used to work for the unions in St. Louis and would sit in on some of the meetings. I guess everybody knows he owns three homes in different parts of the country. They are all $300,000 are better. After being around him and everything, I'd just say he's just another union thug - I mean a thug.

Enforce ordinances

I live on Indiana Street and there are kids who go up and down here with their boom boxes blaring, it rattles your windows and I can't believe the Sikeston Police Department isn't aware of the volume on the code books. People throw out cigarette butts, beer bottles and trash out on the streets. Are we going to let this part of our town get like some other parts of Sikeston? It's high time that people should SpeakOut and this should be corrected.

Cover little sports, too

I'm calling about the sports page. The Little League sports writers, whoever is doing that, they're not doing as good as last year. At least there was some information in there about who won and who lost. We would like to see more coverage of the games.

Our sports editor was on vacation last week. Little league results will be reported as usual from now on, provided we receive the information from Sikeston Area Youth Baseball's scorekeepers.

Making cents

Buy a new vehicle just to boost the economy. Then when they ask if you have purchased one, they will tax the hell out of you for buying it.

Tax dollars at work

I just watched "60 Minutes" and saw where government officials are getting $75,000 for a speech over on the bloody shore of Omaha Beach. I have to pay for my medicine from the Veterans Administration.

Look good, feel better

I was just interested in where people go out for an evening. We happened to go to a couple of clubs here in Sikeston over the weekend, and while we were there we noticed the way people were dressed. Some came in shorts, their hair wasn't fixed, no makeup, just slopping around. If these women would do something about their appearance, it would probably make them feel better about themselves.