SpeakOut 3/6

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the Court listings that was in Feb. 21 SpeakOut. The person didn't think the person and the crime they are charged with should be posted outside the court room. Maybe they shouldn't break the law. They obviously broke the law and are embarrassed about what they did and they don't want anybody to know it. Of course, they weren't embarrassed when they were doing it, only embarrassed when they got caught. The last time I checked we aren't in a Communist country - arrests are a matter of public record. If you don't want your name posted outside the court room, don't break the law. Your name won't be posted and people won't know you did something ridiculous.

I am amazed that some people are so brain dead that they think the Democrats are the savior of this nation. The Democrats have got this country in plenty times more trouble than the Republicans ever thought of doing. I would not vote for a Democrat because of the past history. Right now they are promoting Socialism, even Communism. You better wake up people. Those of you that have got a job will be giving your paycheck to the government so they can keep these lazy, no-account people on the public dole. Wake up!

Anyone that may be interested in or would like to see old picture postcards, leave your number in the paper and I'll give you a call.

I'd like to thank Donnie, I can't remember her last name, because she brought me some cupcakes over here to the Eagles on my birthday. Thanks, them was some good cupcakes. I hope you make me some more next year.

The kids in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade had their cell phones and pagers taken away from them. I think this is 2008 and there's so much crime going on, I think it's for their own safety that they should have them as long as they are not playing or listening to it when school is going on. Just in case there's a tornado or some kid decides to go shooting people. Not everybody can run to the office and use that one phone they got in there. There's a lot of times people wouldn't have found the kids if they hadn't had a cell phone. Two girls 20 something years old got kidnapped and put in the trunk. They were talking on the Early Show. If it hadn't been for their cell phone, they wouldn't have found them and they'd be dead. Maybe if enough people would request it, maybe it can be changed.

Death penalty charge

I think any child molester, child rapist, child killer should be executed. That's the only crime that the death penalty should be given for.

I've been watching the politicians and debates every time they come on. I have never heard a politician that is running for office come down on the welfare program. It's always you might lose your Medicare or your Social Security. But these people that are working today, we're paying in big taxes. There is so much welfare fraud in this country that it's unbelievable. There's people that need help, I'm not denying that. But I don't understand why these politicians don't come down on that. I'm talking about the ones that are committing fraud. If you don't put anything into this country, you shouldn't get anything out. It's hard for us to make ends meet week to week, month to month and year to year. I don't understand why they don't crackdown on welfare and fraud. It just blows my mind. Healthy, young people are able to work and they don't work.

Republican politicians are just like baby diapers. They need changing for the same reason.

I'm calling about Pregnant government bellies. I'd just like to say that these same people that are on welfare, medical assistance, cash assistance or whatever, they're the ones that if you dropped a urine test on them, they are the ones that would fail. Here in Southeast Missouri, that's what it amounts to. If they would start drug testing these people, tell them they couldn't get benefits if they were on drugs, we wouldn't have anybody on welfare here in Sikeston.

You talk about not wanting to be in Republican's shoes if you die. I'm pretty sure you won't have to answer for any of us Republicans when you stand before God at the Judgment. It sounds like you will have plenty to answer for yourself. If you are a Christian, you don't believe in men marrying men and women marrying women. You don't believe in abortion. Both of these are sins. Both of the Democrat nominees say they will make these things legal. If you believe in these things, your soul is in danger too. The two Democrats also want socialized health care so they can tell us when to go to the doctor. That is called Communism. They will pull out of Iraq and the terrorists will be back over here. I just hope they get you first. I would just love to know what they will take away from the poor and give to the rich.