Speakout 11/11

Friday, November 11, 2005

Life, and sometimes death, is full of surprises, but some of them can be avoided. This is to the people who have bought or are considering buying prepaid funeral plans. Be sure to read your contract very carefully and ask questions until you fully understand exactly what you are purchasing. Although the term prepaid funeral arrangement might imply that all your expenses will be covered, in some cases that may not be true. Find out beforehand, and if there are going to be any extra charges at the time of use and what they will cost. Ask about any sales tax that may be required and if that has been included in the package. Occasionally, circumstances and desires within a family can change. Find out if your contract gives you the option to modify your funeral needs. For example, find out what would happen if you decided on graveside services instead of a full blown funeral in the chapel of your funeral home. Also, visitation practices have changed in the past few years with many families opting for only brief visitation before the funeral or no visitation at all. Find out what your rights are within the contract that you are signing. If need be, shop around. Remember, a funeral business is exactly that, a business just like any other basing its practices on the bottom line. You as the consumer, should remember the old adage, let the buyer beware. Its far better to be safe than sorry.

As for our great President, I believe I would have a solution that would help us all. I'm sure President Bush would agree with this. Send people from 50 to 65 over to Iraq to fight the war, so us from 40-49 can retire and draw their pensions. It would be a great solution to create jobs for the young people from 18-39, so young Republicans can retire and old Democrats can fight the war. If they can greet people in Wal Mart, they can greet people in Iraq. Probably, find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Hell, we might even win the war.

The Republicans have no right to down the Clinton administration. They are nothing but liars. We need to impeach Cheney and Bush and everyone else in government. We need to clean house, get rid of all of them. They are nothing but liars and cheaters. I give Mr. Bush a zero for his leadership. He has the mind of a five year old. He never was very smart. I'll be glad when he and Cheney's days are over. Everything has gone downhill since they got in office. He has no compassion. He doesn't care anything about all the boys overseas getting killed, he doesn't have any family over there. Why should he care? All he is wanting to do is put money in his pocket and try to get all the war that he can get.

Hello. I'm calling on behalf of take some history lessons. Boy, I think that man needs to take some history lessons himself. I think that Hillary Clinton is a good lady and I think that she would make a good president and I think she would have them boys back from Iraq. She would stop all these imports from coming in and we would have more jobs in America. The shoe factories would reopen. We wouldn't have a shoe. Everytime you go to JC Penney or Sears, you see made in China, made in Viet Nam, made in Taiwan. This would all stop if Hillary Clinton would run for president and get in. You can bet your bottom dollar on it. Good night sir and God bless you, because you sure need it.