Speakout 4/4

Sunday, April 4, 2004

For you who think George W. Bush had a problem with the savings and loan scandal back in the 1980s, please don't vote now or ever because you probably don't know anything about anything else either. You need to educate yourself before you vote. Some people just shouldn't ever vote.

I have lived in Sikeston all 14 years of my life and I don't like that every time I want to do something for fun I have to go to Cape. Someone should start a teen center in the mall in Sikeston. We need a Toys R Us or something. We don't have any fun places here in Sikeston and I think someone should start a petition to do that. Unless they want to SpeakOut, there are a lot of wrestling fans in Sikeston and I think we need a coliseum or something where wrestlers and wrestling events could come here.

President Bush tells America and the victims of 9/11 that he, Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice can't testify under an oath to God before the 9/11 Commission, but yet they can go on the Rush Limbaugh Show and Fox News and defend their handling of the worst terrorist attack in American history. The question is, why would Mr. Bush be afraid of giving answers under oath? What are Mr. Bush and his vice president trying to hide?

I see where there might be another fire in Crowder. I see a lot of smoke. Hopefully they will finish the job before the firemen get there this time. I don't want to insult any of the good, clean people who live there because I know there are some beautiful houses there. But there are trashy losers living there too. I'm tired of looking at their trash.

How do we go about getting someone on the 300 block of Hardin Street to clean up their yard? This is in a neighborhood that has had pride in their yards for many years, but we have a house now that sells stuff out of their yard. They have a garage sale but it's a continuous one seven days a week. This is an eyesore that I'd like to see the city get cleaned up.

Call Code Enforcement at 471-2512.

I couldn't agree more with the caller who talked about children being exposed to cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide. It's bad enough that adults decide to smoke in front of children, but forcing them to breathe in the poisonous air coming from your mouth is absolutely sinful. I would urge every person who considers themselves to be a Christian man or woman to call into SpeakOut and start a movement in this area. Tell these smokers how terrible it is, what they're doing to their own children. We see the ads on TV and on the highway how terrible it is to breathe second-hand smoke. Think about the size of your lungs as an adult and how bad it is for you to breathe second-hand smoke, but think of a small child. It's got to be much, much worse. On top of that, they're not even given a choice. They're forced to breathe the smoke. It's very, very sinful. You'll be judged for it. Mark my words. You will be judged.

I was fortunate enough to run across W.T. Woods yesterday. I had never met the man but I enjoy reading his articles in your newspaper. He said he has been writing but his articles have not been published. Is it because the publisher is Republican?

According to the book about purple martin houses, if you put your houses up on March 20, you should get purple martins.