Speakout 3/11

Friday, March 11, 2005

I saw where George W. Bush is giving the veterans coming home lots and lots of benefits, money. That's wonderful, but what about the Vietnam veterans who are homeless? Some of them have no homes, no jobs. Some Korean veterans are the same way. Why doesn't he do something for everyone instead of a few. This is wonderful for the ones coming home; a lot of them will never be able to work again. I don't know what's wrong with him. He's a disgrace to our country.

Since MoDOT got all the money from Amendment 3, are they going to resurface Highway 114 coming out of Sikeston to Morehouse and over to Grayridge and that area? This highway is terrible. It has big holes in it and is real rough riding. We have waited for years to get this done and would really appreciate it if they could get this done for us.

You can call the MoDOT Customer Service Center toll-free at (888) 275

-6636 for an answer to your question.

I would like to express my appreciation to my wonderful kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, relatives and friends for a wonderful surprise birthday part. It was given at the Clinton Building in the Recreation Complex. That is the best place to go for any kind of party or meeting. Thanks to everyone who came (there were some who couldn't come). Love to all, Georgia Davidson.

Ten years ago we lost a child to cancer. Two years ago, our daughter came to us afraid of our reaction because she was pregnant. Although we weren't thrilled at becoming grandparents at this point in our lives, we supported her decision to keep the baby and raise her alone. Granted, she was out of school and had a pretty good job. She now has an even better job, owns her own home and is an excellent mother. I just want to tell the people who are critical of the teen mothers to back off. First of all, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Are you so perfect that you have never done anything on impulse? We did not raise our daughter to have sex before marriage, but she did not ask our permission. Secondly, we have lived through the most horrible thing that could happen to parents - having to bury their child. So believe me, I'll take a diagnosis of pregnancy over death any day of the week. Think about it.

I have been a farmer all my life and I'm amazed that nobody can control the birds they have in town, especially in Sikeston. We were blamed for the birds being there in former SpeakOut editions, but I can assure you that if you will let the farmers do it, they can get rid of the birds in a short time. One young farmer tried that and they fined him, so we need to decide if they want the birds or the diseases that go along with it. If you will turn the farmers loose, we can get rid of the birds in a week's time.

This is to the party who owns a little brown dog that runs the street and is pooping in my yard. This is a warning. If you don't put your dog up, I'm going to call the dog catcher and see what he can do about it. I'm tired of going out in my yard and stepping in where he used the bathroom.

I am calling in regards to "Heroes are honored" in SpeakOut. I totally agree. I have family who came home with the 1140th and we were looking forward to Mr. Davis actually being there to follow us home when we heard the station would be following the men. I'm not sure who made the decision not to send him, but he sure was missed. He does a wonderful job. We had family on the 1140th bus and wish he had been there - he was the voice for the 1140th on Star 82.9.