Speakout 8/15

Monday, August 15, 2005

I have a concern about the graveyard over by Hardee's. I just had a loved one buried over there and I have noticed that they haven't cut there grass around the tombstone in a long time. There is grass even growing over some of them. I have noticed that some people have taken it upon themselves to cut the grass around there loved ones. So I was wondering are they going to do anything about it. If not and they don't have anyone to cut their grass please let them know I will be glad to take over the upkeep of the grounds by cutting and weed eating for a small fee. If they are interested please keep my number for them to contact you all only if they are interested. My number is 573

-481-1084. Steve Bohnert

Insured drivers pay

I total agree with the raise the fines for the ones who don't have any insurance because I was one of those people who had a accident by hitting a car and the person didn't have insurance and the license plates weren't even to the car they were driving and they got a ticket and had to file it under my uninsured motorist on my insurance and it made my insurance go up some for someone who didn't have any insurance at all. The police came, wrote the report and gave them a ticket and told me to have a nice day. My truck got $1,800 of damage done to it and I have to pay for it because some people have no insurance. But they get off scott free get a ticket maybe a small fine and go on there merry way. If it was me, they would impound my car, take me to jail and fine me anyway they possible could. So I agree 110 percent to raise all the fines for the ones who don't have insurance cause to me all of ones who have insurance have to suffer from the ones who decide to not have insurance. It's likes this: Roses are red. Violets are blue. The good ones who have insurance has to suffer when someone like maybe you doesn't have insurance like your suppose to.

I too was very surprised to see the condition of the Garden of Memories. I was just in Sikeston last week to visit with my sister. My parents, two brothers-in-law and some distant relatives are buried in Garden of Memories. My sisters have been trying to get the death date of my great aunt on her head stone for over 1 year now. Phone calls don't get returned. When I visited, I pulled weeds from around my parents' markers and cleaned off the "bird poop" as they are under a tree. I did see some guys mowing on the west side of the grounds, but not sure what all got completed. Maybe, just maybe something is getting done.

A bingo player was complaining in Speakout about welfare people spending welfare money for bingo games. But as you are aware of this is wrong doing. Was you also aware of the state bingo rules being broken? If you are a regular bingo player, you know the state rule reads you can not be a worker and a player during the same bingo session, or selling pull tabs and workers buying pull tabs is also illegal. How many bingo games that you go to, do you not see bingo workers working and playing bingo and buying pull tabs? And the state just turns their head the other way. This has been going on for years. What is your opinion of this wrong doing Bingo player?

This is to my neighbors who are allowing their dogs to run loose at night. Your dogs are turning over my trash cans, ripping open the trash bags and spreading trash all over my yard, my neighbors yard, and the street - a mess I must clean up. Please be advised that I am taking steps to end this. So, if you care anything about your dog, you should STOP letting it run loose.