Letter to the Editor

Your view: Morehouse defense

Friday, May 20, 2005

This letter is in response to the person who recently used Speakout to give tribute to John Bryant, (from Morehouse) who recently died. Your message was nice ... until I got to the last line which read something like this: "Not too many good kids come out of Morehouse." Now, I never knew Mr. John Bryant, but I am sure if he was the man you say he was, he would be very disappointed in you for that comment alone. I am 54 years old and was born and raised in Morehouse. I have worked all my life and have a son who does the same to take care of his family. I grew up in Morehouse along with six brothers and sister. We have all turned out to be productive citizens. Some are retired at this point, some still work. I have a sister and brother-in-law who still live in Morehouse. They have son who lives there also. He and his wife both work and are raising two fine boys. I recall a lifetime of good friends from good families and good schools with fine teachers who left lasting impressions. We all loved God, family, neighbors and or country. We work hard and pay our taxes and we don't deserve your comment. You missed a golden opportunity in your letter printed in the newspaper to say something positive that may have actually encouraged our youth. Instead, you chose to do the opposite. I am disappointed in you and ashamed for you. If that shoe happens to fit you, your family or friends, then I am sorry and you will just have to wear it. But for most of us who "came out of Morehouse" or are "yet to come," it does not fit.

Karen (Agee) Bryant