Speakout 7/12

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm calling concerning, I agree with this poor man in the paper. It seems like all the big shots get all the money and all the little shots get none. I feel sorry for this poor man. I think Blunt ought to walk in his shoes just one day. He would then realize what it would be like to be without doctor's care, food and clothing as well.

* * *

I would like to reply the "Poor need help" that was in Speakout today. They could do like we do and get out and get a job and buy a car so they could go back and forth to the doctor.

I would like to Speakout about Gov. Blunt. I want him to know I hope he gets a whiff of this one. I don't how he can do this to the poor people. Why can't he take something from these rich people out here instead of messing with these poor people who don't have nothing anyway. What are these old people going to do that are on Medicaid and these little children that need medical help? I tell you what, he must have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I don't know why anybody or who in the world voted him in but I hope to goodness he is voted back out as soon as we can. This is terrible, Blunt, you are a terrible person.

Why don't you have a cheaper rate for the disabled folks? I am a senior and disabled and living on a fixed income. I can't afford your rates. It seems to me if you give a free paper to anyone who signs up for a year you can give a free paper to someone. Why not think along these terms drop your rates for the elderly I am

sure you could sale many more papers than you do now? What do you think?

The Standard Democrat does offer a senior citizens discount.

I was calling about your Sikeston Democrat. I would like to know what kind of ink you use in your paper because every time I pick up your paper I start coughing and sneezing from it and my eyes water. I wish you would put a little less ink or whatever it is on your paper so I could read it without coughing, sneezing and my eyes watering.

The Standard Democrat is printed using a low-rub soybean-based ink.


I was wondering what kind of stores are going to be in the new mall. If they are going to have a dollar store or a one-price clothing store like they had in the mall in Cape. It is just a suggestion.

Years ago we had a CB club called the Sikeston Area CB Club. A friend and I would like to have a club reunion. Anyone interested can call "Patches" at 573-471-9641 or "Tigerlady" at 573-471-6515. We don't know when, but we want to know how many people would be interested in such an event.

Humming along

To the person asking about humming birds, I do have one in the front yard and two in the back yard. You don't need flowers for them to come, the red food coloring and sugar is all I use.