Speakout 4/22

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Well looks like the yellow-dogs won on the sheriff deal. The north end is the blue dog democrats and the south end is the yellow dogs. Blue dogs thought they had the yellow dogs by the throat, but turned out different, didn't it? Guess that will stop the blue dogs from tackling the yellow dogs in the south for awhile. That's the way she goes boys.

I'm calling from a residence in Scott City. Recently on the 16th of April I was in your city and I had a flat in front of Rodchester's. I called an 800 number to get some service and didn't get it. That's a long story, but anyhow, the girls working in Rodchester's were so helpful and so nice. One of them even got her Daddy to come help me take care of my problem. I just wanted to pass this on to the city of Sikeston and the people of Rodchester's. I really appreciate their service and thanks so much.

If Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton are so concerned with the good of mankind, why aren't they in Virginia Tech after all these kids got killed trying to show some support for those who are left?

I just wanted to compliment the lady who put the article in last April 12 in SpeakOut about We need God. It's a very good article and it should wake some of the people up. I agree with this lady 100 percent. You know we have kicked God out of our schools, we have taken the Ten Commandments off the walls and the court houses. You know, God will not force Himself to come in. If you ever notice where Jesus is knocking on the door, there's not a door knob on the outside. You have to invite him into your life. We can't have prayer in schools, abortion is legal. God is against this. We ask why things happen in our country, like in Virginia where 32 kids were killed. God will not intervene unless you ask Him. We need Him back in our homes and schools. Man is the problem. ACLU is a problem too. Everything Christians try to do, they bring us down. I think President Bush is a Christian man and is doing everything he can to protect our rights. He can't do it alone. Once again, we compliment the lady who put that article in. Our church made lots of copies and passed it around. People should read it, understand it and pass it around.

This is in response to the article I read on April 11 about the little girl that was being made fun of at school. I am a parent of a special needs child and I know exactly everything you are talking about. I know kids can be very cruel and at times I think parents are just as at fault as teachers to look over these problems. I feel as parents we should set better examples for our children and to teach them to treat others as you would like to be treated. To the person who wrote the article on "Children should be nice" in SpeakOut, it should be an eye opener to other parents who sometimes become blind to these situations. I wish there was more people like you in the world who cared enough to voice their opinions on these problems.