Speakout 1/25

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I called SpeakOut about my paper delivery but it was not printed. Why? I learned that the problem I was experiencing was during a time when a substitute carrier was delivering on the route where I live. I do have a happy ending to this story. The problem was solved, but why was my comment not in SpeakOut?

When we receive calls concerning delivery or any other function of the Standard Democrat, we do our best to see that the problem is taken care of from here, as was in your case. It would have served no useful purpose to publish an individual circumstance like this in SpeakOut. We are glad everything worked out for you and we thank you for bringing the situation to our attention.

I think the policy at Kelly School is unfair. Back in 1997, they let a student walk and also go to her prom. But now they say no. I think Desert Wells and the other students who graduated in December should be able to walk. They did what was expected of them by earning at least 22 credits. If they can allow the sport players to come back to school activities after they graduate, they should allow this small handful of students to come back and walk. What do the rest of Scott County residents think?

It bothers me that Bush is pushing to grant drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. What's going on here? Am I missing something? Who will benefit from this big idea? Our Republican Congress better fight for the citizens on this one. It sounds completely insane to me.

Every day on my way in from work, I see kids skateboarding in the roads, in the church parking lots, as well as near the railroad tracks. A lot of times, these children have make-shift ramps built out of old pallets and scraps of splintered wood that collapse while they're rolling on it. It's kind of nerve wracking when you have to pass them because their focus is mainly on the tricks they are trying to perform. But the skateboarders aren't the subject of this fuss. This fuss is directed to the city council members of Morehouse who get voted into office by proclaiming that they can better this community. You all have been put in these positions to improve the community, so here's my suggestion: Take a section of the City Park and pave or blacktop it. This would provide an area for these kids to enjoy their skateboards safely. The kids would love it and adults, such as myself, would appreciate having the roads back.