SpeakOut 3/19

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Call 471-6636

The only thing I've got to say is these people have got to be joking for charging Steve Julian with involuntary manslaughter and setting his bond at $10,000. If you get into a fight, they charge you with first degree assault, armed criminal action if you use your fists. This man shot this boy in the back with a .44 Glock, something that is large enough to rip your body apart. He didn't get charged with anything other than involuntary manslaughter? He had a weapon, he used a weapon, that's armed criminal action. I'm sorry, but that just goes to prove the law is different. This man was supposed to uphold the law and he committed murder and he's going to get away with it. You know this is bull crap. Somebody needs to look into this. If Cape County won't do it, then bring in the Feds. This man works for Probation and Parole. This is someone who goes out if your child is on parole and hunts them down. It's plain to see he cold-bloodedly killed this boy. He shot him in the back people. Where's the justice? Now, let's see if we can get some justice for this sucker. When someone sells less than 35 grams of dope and they are sentenced to three years in prison? And this man he may do, which I doubt - it's his probably his first offense, a little slap on the wrist? If we stand for that, then we're wrong. Something needs to be done now. Mike, you need to speak out on this one. You need to write an article on this one - that where you're a law enforcement officer and you can go out and kill somebody and get away with it.

I so hope this will be printed and the Sikeston Public Schools will listen. What are the Sikeston Schools trying to do to us - the parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and especially the grandparents that are on fixed incomes by giving the schools something to sell all at the same time? For Pete's sake, can't you spread it out at different times? We no longer get hit with Girl Scout cookies, and the schools hit us with all of this other stuff. Maybe the teachers, school board members, superintendents, principals and such have enough money to pay for all these things. But the average grandparent on a fixed income with four or more grandchildren, really gets hit hard. Y'all really need to do a better job next year to space out the fundraisers. Signed, Hurting in the wallet grandparent.

This is in regards to the comment about Sikes Street. Yes, in fact we do have dogs running loose and people have called the city about that numerous times and it is a lot better than it used to be. About the car, it is NOT a junk car. It is in working order and properly licensed. It may not be as good as YOUR car, but it belongs to a woman who is disabled and on a fixed income. Sorry it doesn't meet your standards but it is all she can afford and she has nowhere else to park it. As for the circle, if you are so concerned with it, come on down and mow it every once in a while. There are only two people who do it and I know it's not you. Get off your high horse and take a look at yourself and stop griping. We did move it for you. If you want to pay to have a new driveway put in, you can. You must have a money tree in your yard.

I think it's fine time people around here start reading the news and sports instead of looking at the news and sports. You see the letters strung together forming words under the reporter's picture? That's the story, read it. It's good reporting. Who cares what hat Mr. Mills wears? I wear a Yankees hat nearly every day but that doesn't mean I don't like anything else or shouldn't be allowed to cross the border into "Cardinal Country."