Letter to the Editor

Your view: Help Humane Society

Friday, January 7, 2005

I recently came to the Bootheel Humane Society, located in Sikeston, MO, to pick up an elderly dog for breed rescue. I cannot express in words how sickened I was to see the conditions there.

My grandmother lived in Sikeston during her later years, and I'm quite familiar with the town. It's a relatively wealthy farming community, yet what I saw in your local Humane Society was sub-standard to say the least. Truthfully, it was the worst facility I've ever seen, and in my 10 years of doing rescue work, I've seen countless Humane Society shelters, animal control facilities, private rescue locations, etc.

I have nothing but praise for the staff and volunteers working there, but there is little they can do with no money and no community support.

With farmland all around, the workers at the Humane Society did not even have straw for the animals - it reminded me of that old adage, "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

I saw 30 - 40 dogs of all different ages and sizes occupying three chain link pens floored by nothing but mud. The animals were filthy, some were obviously sick and certainly contagious. The staff was trying their best to clean up the concrete inside of the facility, but how could they with no supplies, only mud-covered dogs?

I would very much like to do something to try and generate some public interest and help the wonderful staff of the Humane Society improve the conditions there. I'm certain that, given the tools, they would make significant improvements in living and working conditions there. I'm sure they would like nothing better. In turn, this would increase the chances of adoptability for the unfortunate animals there.

There is no excuse for what I saw in a city the size of Sikeston, and the people of your community should be ashamed if they do not step up to the plate.

Melanie O'Brien