Letter to the Editor

Your view: Government too big

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Are we now communist?

Eminent Domain is the Devil's Advocate! It is nothing new. Look at Bridgeton Missouri. Churches, homes, schools, all in the way of the runway expansion at Lambert Airfield.

Cemeteries are not safe from Eminent Domain. Landfills, can cause million-

dollar homes to be bulldozed! Eminent Domain is legal, because all property, public and private, actually belongs to the government! You might hold the deed, even the abstract. But the taxes you pay are your rent to the government. Don't pay the taxes, lose the property. But, there are times when Eminent Domain is invoked for the wrong reasons. This happens quite often, when city, county or state leaders have their priorities in their pants, right between their back pockets!

A highway has to go through, a ball diamond doesn't need to be built. A four-lane highway will take a right of way 200-feet wide or about 25 acres, and more at interchanges and side roads. The farmer does not have to be paid! The farmland is condemned and taken! Stolen! Of course, a price is usually offered for the land. Once, twice, but if you don't take the third offer, tough.

And poor people are just out of luck. Government is just too big for its breeches!


Larry Corom