SpeakOut 5/26

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Call 471-6636

I am calling about the narcotics scandal at South Scott County Ambulance Service. The news report said that morphine is being replaced with another substance. What will the repercussions be if a patient needs morphine and a paramedic thought he was giving morphine only to find out he would be giving the patient something else, maybe something bad or something that isn't morphine at all, like water. What would happen?

What's the future hold?

I'm concerned about the oil prices and have been thinking about how fast they keep going up. I don't think the oil that is pumped in the United States should go up in price when OPEC goes up. Our President is an oil man and I'm sure wants the prices to stay up as long as possible and not try to get them down, because he don't care. He is making all that money off the United States. Why would he want to get the prices down when he wouldn't be lining his pockets if he did. We should elect any person for president who is not an oil man because OPEC will always raise the prices and as soon as they do, the prices in the United States raise too.

A group of owners of SEMO Electric Company have brought together organizations to try to elect another board of directors. They call themselves "Members for Change" and even have a website: membersforchange.com and are even advertising on the radio, trying to get people to come to the annual meeting and voting in a new board of directors. But tell me something. Who are these people? Who's spending all this time and money trying to change this. What's going on? There has got to be a story in this.

I am a Vietnam veteran. I have watched everything that has happened on the news, I have seen everything that's happened in the papers and it's all a bunch of crap. If you have some money, you don't go fight. You go to school. If you do go to fight and you do your job, you are accused of being a killer - a baby killer, any kind of killer. I think it's time for the things to stop. The war does not help anybody. It doesn't help the Democrats, it doesn't help the Republicans, it doesn't help anybody. People die. Do you understand me? People die and the ones who don't die wish they had died.