SpeakOut 10/3

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Call 471-6636

Can a reporter call the East Prairie schools and ask why the football players on Thursdays get to eat these big meals, like pork chops, green beans, mashed potatoes and everything, but the girls softball team has not had one single meal served to them. I think that is discrimination. This has been going on probably for years. Someone just asked me why they don't have a Thursday dinner when the football players do. My daughter is on a ball team over there. I'd just like to know why the school doesn't furnish the girl's softball team dinners after games like they do the boys.

I heard that the money-grubbers and city officials are happy in Portageville now that they've run Plastene Supply out of town. They have practically shut down; they're laying off so many people. Now they can run their one-horse town and feel important.

I think they need to get the rest of North Ingram paved. There are a lot of potholes on North Ingram toward the north end of town and they need to get it repaired. South Ingram looks good. Maybe they can change the name to Rodeo Drive.

Someone talked about the Democrats in Missouri in the Sept. 25 SpeakOut. They were talking about Carnahan and Clinton and the rest of them. I used to be a Republican. Just like Governor Holden. I went to the meetings the Republicans held. Never again will I go. They're the most obnoxious, lying hypocritical people I ever saw in my life. If you don't like Governor Holden, why don't you move to Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee or Oklahoma? They all have Republican governors. Look at the shape they're in. Here in Missouri, we're so far ahead of them that it's pathetic. So why don't you just be quiet and do what you're supposed to do? We have the worst President now than we've had in a long time and he's going to get us into war. Is your young son going to go over there and die, or are you going to bail him out like all other Republicans did so he doesn't have to go to war? I'll never vote Republican again.

I see where the Lutheran Church across from the high school invited us all to a ham and bean dinner Friday night before the game. It's a great idea. Then we can head for the stadium and "toot, toot, toot for the old home team."

I know you won't print this, but if you love animals, please do. I would like to first of all compliment the Chaffee Police Department for the finding the dog in the paper that we had seen that was tied to a train track. I am an animal lover and would like for the Chaffee Police Department to find the person who did that. Maybe they can tie him or her to the track and wait for a train to come. Then see what happens to them.

Can anyone tell me what the charge for McDonald's Drive-In window is a "take-out tax?"

McDonald's receipts indicate "eat in" or "take out" by the sales tax amount. The tax charged is the same.

Where is the pro-life crowd? George Bush is marching toward a war in which many innocent lives born and unborn will be lost. Where are your tears, your prayers, your signs and your gun-toting radicals? Are you justifying the taking of human life? Does your silence indicate that it's OK to kill in certain circumstances? And who decides what those circumstances are?