SpeakOut 12/2

Thursday, December 2, 2004

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To the person who said someone pretending to be a Democrat about America changing its lifestyle, you're wrong. I know who wrote it (it was my uncle). He goes to church and claims to be a Christian, has millions of dollars in the bank and wouldn't help his own family for anything. A member of his family needed money to help with funeral expenses and he would not give an extra dollar. His brother is dying with cancer and he won't even go to see him. Most of all, he is a Republican. He wanted Bush in because Bush is for the rich and he got a big tax break.

I am calling about the new series quarters. It has the arch going over the river and Lewis and Clark in the boat or canoe in between the arch. To my knowledge, the arch never went across the river. I wonder if that could be a misprint.

If we don't stop this drug selling now, this doping will go on and our grandchildren will do the same thing. That's what's wrong with Sikeston now. They live off the system and sell drugs. Men don't get a job; you can drive around in Sikeston any time of day and you can see these young men just standing around, sitting on their porches, sitting outside in the yard by the street. Why aren't they working? Why are they driving these cars with nice wheels and good sound systems? Police, when you pull them over, ask them for a W-2 form or something. Why aren't they working? They've got to be getting their money from somewhere and their parents know it.