SpeakOut 7/31

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

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Mike Jensen is a fair person. Ninety-eight percent of the time he will put comments in SpeakOut if there's not cussing or anything like that. Besides that, I just want to respond to the article that ran in the paper about the senior citizen and disabled voting "no." You have my vote and I know of at least 50 more senior and disabled citizens who are going to vote no. I do agree that our highways are torn up, but that is not the poor people's fault. The man up there who's had all these bills, they just keep building up Kansas City and all those areas and down here in Sikeston and the surrounding area, our roads are just going to pieces. They should have taken the dental away from the welfare people and left it for the senior and disabled citizens.

This is regarding the July 19 paper about the young child who was supposedly out of control and hit the police officer's car. If I understand the law correctly, first of all, an 8-year-old shouldn't be arrested by a police officer anyway. It should be a juvenile officer, that is if he could find the juvenile officer in Sikeston because they're usually too busy to be bothered with the low lives of a taxpayer. Just for the record, I live on the west side of Sikeston and not everybody who lives in this area is black. And not everybody who lives on the west side is out to screw the town. Part of it is people on the north, east and south end of Sikeston and it's about time everybody spoke out about it. And the $400,000 the lady got, as far as I'm concerned, the last time I checked, you can't even buy a baby on the black market for $400,000, so how dare anyone begrudge that money for getting some kind of restitution for the lost of her child and a part of her body, not to mention the stress and emotional scars that were put on the little boy by a big old bad Sikeston cop.

I was reading in the paper about "Is DPS fighting lost cause." Apparently the person who called SpeakOut did not read the whole story. You need to learn how to read. It has nothing to do with the son hitting the police car and getting arrested or racism. It has to do with a mother helping her son who was being arrested, losing her baby because of the way she was treated in jail. Please read the whole story before you SpeakOut.

We went to East Prairie over the weekend to see a ballgame. For the first time in my life, I had to pay to get into a ballpark to watch a game. We pay taxes, we buy food and drinks from your concession stand so why do we have to pay to get in the park that is normally free? Lay everything out on the table and let people know where this money is going. Is somebody pocketing this money or is it being put to good use? Take the people away from the gates. It is stupid for you to charge to get into a park that is free for families to go and enjoy themselves. Furthermore, if you're going to charge to get into the park, why not charge to get into the school system? Check to see what's done right and what's not done right.

I asked this question once and I'll ask it again. How do these old farmers tell if their farmhands are putting down the right time when they go to work and when they get off work?