Speakout 6-11

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

I am calling from the East Prairie Nutrition Center. Someone asked in SpeakOut if anyone does hand quilting. The center does and our number is (573) 649-5805. Call Shirley for more information.

I'd like for Kelly to answer this. They couldn't get the money to build a new school so now they're having to beg for old working band instruments. Give me a break.

I'm calling about the police in Sikeston. Most of the officers have two standards - one for them and one for the people. Some of the police don't signal when they turn, some drive down the streets with their lights off. We get tickets and have to pay fines. But they do these things and think nothing of it.

I live out on H Highway and MoDOT came down with about $100,000 worth of equipment and did the sorriest job of mowing that I've ever witnessed. My 11-year-old grandson could have beat it 10-1. It's a shame, all that taxpayers' money and they just knocked around and didn't even do a decent mowing job. It's a shame and a disgrace.

We would like to thank the city for starting the cleanup on Dorothy Street. We need a lot of that done on Ruth, Agnes and William as well. There's no reason we should have to live in a place that looks like a dump. Thanks to the Code Enforcement for your efforts and thanks to Chief Juden and all of DPS. We are seeing a big difference.