SpeakOut 12/6

Friday, December 6, 2002

Call 471-6636

I am disabled and live on a fixed income. I will receive a 1.4 raise on my Social Security this year, while the rate of inflation is 2.1 percent. All federal workers will receive a 3.1 percent raise while all representatives and senators voted themselves a hefty 5 percent or larger raise after the last election. My increase in Medicare will take up most of my raise. This is our Republican leadership telling you the wealthy will come first.

Since I'm not president of the United States, I don't have to be very smart, but before we follow a leader into war, we should be sure has some gray matter. I would like to know his IQ and I don't think that's asking too much.

I lost a bracelet today. It is silver and has hearts up and down it. If you find it, please call me. I also lost a gold wedding set in the vicinity of Lowe's or Hardee's. I am offering a reward for their return. Call me at 667-5609.

After reading the SpeakOut comment in the paper on Dec. 2 about the landlords, I had to respond. To the person complaining about the $15 service fee on the application for tenancy, why would it matter, if you just rented one place and stayed there? Why do you keep moving around? The city has required the landlords to keep their property up to code and you should be glad about that. Where would you rent if the landlords didn't purchase the property for you to rent? Since you are doing all you can to get your rent and utilities paid now, how do you suppose you could come up with the down payment and closing cost of purchasing your own home? What would your options be if their were no landlords? Where would you live? The Housing Authority only has so many places. Unfortunately not all landlords are sitting back and getting rich because after some tenants leave the property, the landlords have to haul off the junk that was left behind (the owner has to pay to take your junk to the dump), clean up the mess, paint, clean carpets, replace floors, repair the damages in walls and ceilings, repair bathrooms, replace appliances, repair doors, etc., etc., etc. from unnecessary damages that tenants do (that's not free). You should be grateful for the landlords for giving you a home and grateful that the City of Sikeston is now going to require all landlords to follow a strict code for their property so you can have a nice place to live. Fifteen dollars is such a minimal fee compared to what the landlords are out after people leave their property. If you are a good tenant and don't damage property and stay in one spot for a long time, then what are you worried about? As for the reason why code enforcement officers don't get out of their vehicles, according to the City Code if the property is up to code on the outside there is no reason to go inside. If you have knowledge of a property not up to code you should call the code enforcement officers at City Hall (471-2512) and let them know. Instead of trying to picket City Hall you should find a nice place to stay and thank the City of Sikeston for requiring your landlord to keep it nice for you. I am also a taxpayer and I pay the taxes on the income made from the property and the property taxes for the city and county. As a tenant, you don't pay those taxes and, trust me, they are more than $15. You need to sit down and add up the cost of damages and income and property tax and put that in SpeakOut. I'd like to see if you are even close.