Speakout 11/16

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Flu vaccine is back? Gasoline prices are dropping? Supply is increasing? And someone said it wasn't politics.

My children attend Sikeston Public Schools and I agree with the cell phone issue that was in SpeakOut. When someone has complaint about a bus driver, they need to put the bus number in there so we can get this solved.

Since SpeakOut calls often take several days to get in the paper, we suggest complaints be forwarded to the Sikeston School Board at 472-2581, who is the proper source to contact for help.

Bush's plan to reform Social Security and put it into the stock market will cost $1.3 trillion. That's more than Kerry's health plan was going to cost (only $1.2 trillion). Why would he want to take $1.3 trillion and reform Social Security when he could put that same money into Social Security and Social Security could then be saved?

There are several people who do illegal activities and if a person can't feel safe enough to walk to a store in a certain part of town, then maybe that store shouldn't be open. A family member went into the store, came out, and he and his girlfriend got jumped and were assaulted by a grown man. The man hit the young lady and she had to have 10 stitches in her mouth. I'm sure nothing will be done. When you can't go anywhere in Sikeston and feel safe, then something is wrong. The police don't seem to care and don't seem to want to do anything about it. This is really hard to deal with. It's not right. Maybe this store shouldn't be open or maybe the police should do their jobs a little better.

I am calling about the lack of Public Safety at a store in Sikeston. A young couple was jumped the other night for no reason at all at this store and the police did nothing but question their sobriety and questioned them and did nothing. People are allowed to loiter and stand around and do all sorts of illegal things on this parking lot. On the east end of town, they clear the parking lots and nobody is allowed to sit around and talk or anything else but on the west end of town, people run rampant and do as they please and beat people up. They do all the things they do and nothing is done about this. There needs to be an end and this needs to come to a halt. Public Safety needs to be on the west end of town, especially by this store.

We cannot name the business you are referring to.

Who can a person talk to in the City of Morehouse when the law enforcement officer has blatantly gone into your neighborhood and accused you and told your neighbors that you are a drug dealer? I'm sick and tired of it. If it is true and they are just doing their jobs, I'm OK with it. But to just go around and lie on people, that's not right. There should be a law to protect the citizens and the City of Morehouse needs to get this under control. We are sick and tired of being accused of doing things that we do not do. If you think someone does something and can prove it, then go get that person. But to just tell someone that that is what someone is doing is a bunch of crap.

I agree with the SpeakOut caller about the flu vaccine being a scam or not necessary. My wife is required to have the flu shot every year and she gets the flu practically every year even after getting the shot. I refuse to take the shot and very seldom get the flu. So it is a scam.