Speakout 5/3

Friday, May 3, 2002

Why is it a law for children and adults to wear seat belts, but the Scott County Sheriff's Department can ride their children around in their squad cars with their small child standing next to them? The law is the law, regardless.

Is there anyone in this area who has information about the WICCA? Please put an address or phone number in the paper.

I've heard rumors that we're not going to be getting the Applebee's in Sikeston. Can you confirm or deny this rumor for me?

We called Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Missy Marshall with your question. "As of a recent report, Applebee's is still coming, plans being reviewed and they have applied for their liquor license and permits. Everything is proceeding. I have talked to the city and neither of us have received information stating otherwise."

I'm very ashamed that Sikeston has a store like Kmart. To the people who do not want to go there, fine, don't go, but some of us did like going. I will say this. You're going to be sorry when Kmart closes. Before long, there's not going to be any competition except Wal-Mart and the Sam's Club. Then let me tell you what they're going to do. They're going to put prices at the prices they want and there's nothing you can do because there's going to be no competition. If they want to put $4 on a can of hair spray, hey, if you use hair spray, you're going to pay $4. Whatever, you're going to find out, with no competition things at Wal-Mart are going to skyrocket. I'm sorry to all you Kmart employees because I lost my job to Mexico. I know how you feel. God bless you all and I will pray for you.

I was reading in the April 23 paper where they're going to increase the tax. I guess I'm going to have to stop smoking cigarettes and go to drinking since they're lowering the taxes on the booze. I guess law enforcement will really like that. Instead of the smokers killing themselves, I guess they'll all get out here and drink and drive and kill themselves much faster.

This is in regards to the Jackson man who went to work and did not report his wife's death, thus leaving the body with his 3-year-old daughter. I can't believe all the concern is for him not reporting the death of his wife. My God, he left a 3-year-old with a dead body, her mother, and with no one to care for the child. I have seen no allegations on this man in this matter. Are they going to do something about it? This has to be very traumatic for that child.

It doesn't do any good to call in SpeakOut. You don't put all of it in the paper what we call in about. It's cheaper to ride Scott County Transit than it is to ride in a taxi and the drivers are probably much nicer and cleaner.

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