SpeakOut 9/23

Monday, September 23, 2002

Call 471-6636

I had left a message in SpeakOut looking for a hide-away bed for my disabled son. I missed the call but wish they would call again. My number is 471-0724.

The SpeakOut column on Sept. 9 about caregivers hit the nail on the head. There were a few things the person didn't mention, like we caregivers give up our weekends, holidays and family time to take care of the clients. We work mostly 12 days before getting a day off. The caregivers work when everyone else is celebrating. There are clients who abuse the system. They let their families come in and then let the caregivers clean up after them. As far as telling the supervisors, the supervisors just say, "Everyone needs help. Maybe it won't be that bad when you go back in there the next time." These programs need to be only for the older people who live by themselves and don't have anyone else to help them. The clients shouldn't expect the caregivers to clean their house with a white-glove treatment, especially when some of the clients aren't that clean either.

Can you investigate and find out why DAEOC and places in Portageville and New Madrid and East Prairie and the counties, when you are disabled they're supposed to help the disabled and senior citizens first before they help people on welfare. A month or two ago, in the paper, it said the government is releasing all these funds for these counties. But every time you call, for the past three months, you always hear they're out of money. So who do they help? They sure don't help the senior citizens. I know, because my grandmother has been needing help for three months and I know a disabled person who needs help. Are they paying welfare people's bills before they help the senior citizens and disabled first, like the law states? Can you find out why we're not getting any help in these counties?

My comment concerns the article in the paper about the store that is selling puppies in Sikeston. Did you know that AKS (American Kennel Club) keeps records on the dog and little owners who also have dog shows. They are an old register. There are a lot of registers: APRI, ACA, WKC, WKCI,ACH, RIBW, just to name a few. APRI has a lot of dog shows. Why would you call AKC if the french pug wasn't registered with them? Dogs and puppies registered with AKC doesn't make it a better quality. Just look for a good quality, healthy dog, not who it is registered with. As far as if the price on puppies was reasonable, check with some of your pet stores. These puppies are from good kennels that are state licensed, USDA licensed. Some people like to get a puppy, then they get tired of caring for it as it grows up. Oh, yes, the french bulldog's grandmother was an AIKC, Ch. Jan NB's Ma Cheri Fille Dolly. If so, this would be your french pug's great-grandmother, if you would like to check that. I am a professional breeder.

I am looking for someone who can do small engine repair on a riding lawn mower. If anyone knows who I can call, please put the phone number in SpeakOut.

I'm calling about the johnson grass that is along the ditches along Highway C in Mississippi County. The commissioners raised the johnson grass tax and I don't know why they aren't doing anything about the johnson grass. Please put this in your paper.

I see where the state highway department, after a call from a taxpayer, has half-heartedly sprayed the johnson grass on Highway C in Mississippi County. Now they need to redo what they did and get it all, and then spread the other side of the highway. They're not really trying to eradicate it. That would save money. They just mess around and half-way spray. To get rid of all the johnson grass would save money and, heaven forbid, we don't want to do that.

I would like to thank Charles Ancell at Missouri Delta Medical Center for making an effort to retain the surgeons from the Ferguson Medical Group. They are needed in our community and I'm sorry the medical group has the leadership they have at this time. I have been a patient there for many years. I no longer go there. It's just my opinion on this matter, but thanks again to Charles Ancell and Missouri Delta Medical Center.