SpeakOut 6/18

Friday, June 18, 2004

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I would like to Speakout about President Ronald Reagan dying of Alzheimer's Disease and what a great man this nation is loosing. As far as I am concerned he made one of the greatest presidents this nation has ever had. He stopped the Cold War without a shot and he did a lot more things which I have got the time or Speakout has columns to fit. We should give thanks at this time to the Reagan family for Ronald Reagan's service to this country. I'm 70 years old and I have been voting since I was 21. Let me say, I don't vote for the party anymore, I quit that many years ago. What we need to do is wake up America and stand on our own two feet and tell the politicians and everyone else that we just vote for the party, we will vote for the man that will do the best. This is what it is going to take to make these politicians fall in line, stay in line and be better politicians like Ronald Reagan and be better presidents. Again lets all be in prayer for the Reagan family this week. I had an uncle who died of Alzheimer's Disease so I can sympathize with the Reagan family. Thanks to the Reagan family and thanks for great men like Ronald Reagan.

The should make TVs with a button on there you can push that will make the remote control beep that way you can find the remote control when you have lost it.

I just want to say I really appreciate this station in Charleston and Matthews coming down on the gas prices almost to a $1.69 mark. How come the prices can't come down like they are over in Kentucky? $1.48, $1.51. When Kentucky has higher gas prices in Missouri it was $1.80 and over there it was $1.88, $1.90 but now in Kentucky it is still 15 cents to 18 cents cheaper than Missouri's now. Is it greed? I know what it is because I work at a convenience store that has gas and stuff. I work for minimum wage. If the gas goes down to $1.30 something the stores will still make money.

The message to seniors: Don't get conned into fooling with these stupid discount cards for prescription drugs. Call this pharmacy in Canada toll free: 1-877-696-6300 and find out just how much you can save. I promise you the drugs from Canada are just as good as those purchased here. I have been buying there for three years.

To the self righteous pompous a.. who had so much to say about fat people in his call to SpeakOut, maybe he would consider closing his judgmental mouth so that others won't have to breath so much of him in. I don't complain about your over abundant release of greenhouse gas (your hot air as you spout off), you shouldn't worry about how much I spoon in my mouth. By the way, has anyone ever told you that you need to mind your own business and leave other people alone? I never park in handicap zones, but if I decided to, it's really none of your business unless you are handicapped and, if you are, you have no business lecturing obese people since you have your own problem to deal with. Obese people know what they need to do in their lives to get better, but they don't need you telling them. I am sure that you are a perfect being and never annoy anyone. I bet if you ask those who know you, you might find out different. Judge not lest ye be judged!