Speakout 8/6

Friday, August 6, 2004

There is a place in Sikeston that hires people who are just released from prison from all kinds of crimes. They come in there dealing drugs at work and we can't seem to get anything done with these. They bring knives and fight. We have talked to the bosses but we can't get them to do anything about it. Is there any way the law can do anything? What steps need to be taken? They hire people who are wearing ankle bracelets and anything. Their parole officers come there. We just have a lot of bad things going on. Is there anything you can do to help us?

Have you notified the Sikeston Department of Public Safety about your concerns? Call 471-4711 and ask to speak with an administrative officer. All information will remain confidential.

Who in Sikeston believes that if you do any drug, whether it be pills (legal or illegal), marijuana, meth, cocaine or whatever and whoever does it, does anybody in Sikeston really care if, after they get caught with drugs, they are put in a rehab place or jail for 10-20 years, or if these people would not be criminals, they could just be moved to a certain part of town where they could be left alone? Then DPS could do their regular duties and not interfere with people who do drugs. If you're a criminal, you're a criminal and should go to jail.

Possessing, using and distributing illegal drugs are crimes and those who participate in criminal activity are criminals.

How can a person who has been sentenced to prison (for not nearly enough time, by the way) still be out and running around?

These are questions only the court can answer.

I'm calling about the young man who drives a motorcycle. Like someone called in before, if he hits one of my kids, it will be his sorriest day. He rides between Murray Lane and Malone Avenue and speeds all the time.

I wish a Sikeston grocery store would get their prices right. They had 10 pounds of potatoes they charged $1.25 for and the paper said 20 pounds for $1.25. They said it was a misprint.

We checked with our advertising department and learned that this was, indeed, a misprint. We regret the error.

You who claim to be Christians, I'm so sick and tired of hearing you argue. Either you stand up for God's word or you shut your mouth, close your purse and walk out the church doors. And you pastors, we get three songs and a 20-minute service, I want to stand beside you on Judgment Day. You better straighten up or straighten out. God said you should either be cold or hot, because the lukewarm, he will spew out of his mouth. So, people, get it right this time. I saw a church billboard sign that is so true: "One nation without God is one nation under." I am sick and tired of our public figures walking in church on Sunday, claiming to be so godly, and living like hell Monday through Saturday.