Speakout 10/17

Sunday, October 17, 2004

They should do John Edwards like they did the stock car driver in Daytona. They fined him for cussing and took a bunch of points away from him. Edwards was a big lawyer and knew when he broke the rules two times. He knew he was doing wrong. That shows you what kind of vice president he will make. If he can't be honest on TV without breaking the rules, he's not fit to be vice president of this country.

I would like to SpeakOut about John Edwards and Vice President Dick Cheney's debate. John Edwards would make a good vice president (and he would make a good president). He really pulled it off. He is very smart and knows what to do. That's more than I can say about Bush and Cheney. Cheney says if Kerry is elected we will be attacked by terrorists. What about what happened on Sept. 11? Where were he and Bush? We are more likely to get attacked if they stay in office. None of the foreign countries like them - especially the terrorists.

How could Edward Kennedy have the colossal gall to get television and face the people when his own family was murdered because of going to bed with every girl who came along and all that kind of stuff, murdering people? How can people stand to vote or even see a man like that make a speech on TV?

Bush promised to put prayer back in school and prayer has never been put back in school. He has the power. He could stop them from taking the Ten Commandments or anything down. I am a Democrat, against abortion and against gays and Cheney's daughter is a lesbian. If something should happen to Bush and Cheney became president, that would mean we would have a president who is for gay rights.

I am convinced the Democratic Party and its left-wing propaganda machine (the mainstream media) are so intent on getting Bush out of the White House that they will do anything between now and election day. There is only one other group of people who love Kerry and who hate Bush. Terrorists. Expect more terrorist activity and more media coverage so as to cast doubt on Bush and to influence this election. If Kerry gets in, I promise I will fly my flag upside down during his whole term as a symbol of America in distress. We cannot afford a liberal Kerry in the White House. We cannot afford Socialism, pro-choice, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-all this other kind of nonsense. We cannot afford it.

Mr. Jensen, I think if you wrote an editorial about the oil for food program, it would help our President very much.

This is in response to "Let Kerry tell all" in Oct. 5. His question was where was Clinton when the terrorists were learning to fly our planes but my question is, where was Bush? The other part about Kerry showing his medal awards on "60 Minutes," why doesn't Bush show his documents to prove that he was not AWOL and did not disobey a direct order instead of just saying he was honorably discharged? I'd like to know how much he paid for his honorable discharge. Maybe he could show us a receipt for that.

This country can run itself. We do not need George Bush in the White House and he proves this every day, since he has not been there in the last four months.

In reference to the Oct. 3 SpeakOut about Central Park being closed, it is not closed. It is still a beautiful park. Right now it's not too pretty with all the asphalt lying around and nobody used the tennis courts anyway. It was just a place for kids to ride bikes and tear up the tennis nets. Central Park is not a nice park. It's not as good as it was years ago because of the crime rate and people are afraid to go down there. But families still use Central Park and, as far as I'm concerned, the city can keep it a beautiful park. Just plant some tree where the tennis courts were. We don't need a basketball court or a skateboard court.

You better think twice before you agree to vote for the frivolous lawsuit issue. What if were your child or loved one who died because of a doctor's negligence? Think about this. They say that if everyone had auto insurance, it would lower your insurance rates. Mine hasn't gone down, but has gone up. It's not going to lower anything. This is just to fool you. They want us to think that by passing this law it would lower our medical costs. You're only kidding yourself. I am talking from experience and I know.