Friday, January 25, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'll tell you what. Them Republicans have really got some nerve. I run a small business here in this town with eight employees. I got my withholding tax book in the mail the other day for the year and almost everybody who works for me gets between $5 and $11 extra in their paycheck that the government is not taking away from them. That is a bunch of nerve! I wouldn't know what to do if they gave me an extra penny.

Just a little humor for SpeakOut. I came out of the war in 1945 and got a job, $30 for 60 hours. I had four dependents and the IRS got on my butt. You would not believe the harassment they put me through. They came to me on my job, they came to my boss, they went to my bank, all for less than 90 cents an hour. Ha ha. It is amazing to think what the big money people get by with now. You were paid by the week and lots of weeks were 70 hours - still $40.

Please let us know in SpeakOut when you put the court dates in and who has been arrested.

We put daily police, sheriff and Missouri Highway Patrol reports in on either page 1 or on the Daily Record page. The court reports are published on the Daily Record page as space allows. This page includes obituaries, which take precedence, as well as police reports, court reports and birth announcements. There is no specific day for court records to run.

To the four-wheelers that busted my light by Manning's Garage, I only saw one of you, but have the guts to come back and pay me for the damage or I will see you out riding your four-wheeler. This happened at 2 p.m. Jan. 20. I just want them to read this in the paper. They pay now or pay later. Please print this.

Have you reported this vandalism to the police?

George Bush has it all wrong. When you are in a recession, depression, you do not cut taxes. It is the worst thing you can do. You raise taxes on the very extremely wealthy ($1 million on up). They have so much money they never really miss what they pay in taxes. This has been effective in many other countries. Cutting taxes brings on mayhem deluxe.