Letter to the Editor

Your View

Monday, January 21, 2002

This is in response to the article regarding Ms. Holiman's comments on the renovations at the New Madrid County Courthouse. Maybe she has heard the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." I think that probably would apply to the courthouse. It didn't get in the shape it did overnight, and all the problems won't be solved overnight.

I bought an old home several years ago. I know how expensive it is to remodel. However, I was not able to tackle it all at once. I got it livable and am now doing repairs as I can. I also work in an old office. My desk is probably 30-plus years old. I have to tape the drawers to keep them shut. Our carpet is old and worn. The wind whistles through the windows. I am sure our offices will never be earthquake retrofitted and our heating and air conditioning units are constantly being worked on. We would all be thrilled to have a new paint job and new carpeting and then, maybe in the next few years, more repairs would be done as finances permit.

I would hope our forefathers would see than an effort is being made to remedy the remodeling problems at the courthouse. If Ms. Holiman is not happy with that effort, maybe the county could send some of their money to our offices. We would certainly appreciate it.

Sara Miller,

New Madrid