Speakout 7/18

Sunday, July 18, 2004

So the armed forces found nuclear materials in Iraq. I guess nuclear materials don't count as weapons of mass destruction. Well, OK, Democrats.

The person who called SpeakOut about County Road 535 is right. I don't live on that road but I travel it two or three times a day. I don't see how those people can stand the dust. One day I nearly had a wreck when I met one of those big grain trucks. He left so much dust, I couldn't see. When it settled so I could move, I had to stop and when I did where I could move, I was almost in a ditch. That road needs oil on it or something real bad. That is a terrible, terrible road.

Have you told this to your county commissioner?

We have a Bob Gibson bobble-head doll. If anyone has a Brock bobble-head doll they would like to trade, please all 471-8217

In response to the July 1 SpeakOut about the businesses in Morehouse, I own the marshal arts school so everyone knows who this is. I'm not really sure how to take this caller's comments - whether it's positive or negative. If it's positive, I thank you very much. If it's negative, there's no call for it. We have donated several thousands of dollars over the years to this community and done a whole lot of great things here. I strongly support this community and I support all the businesses in this community. It's a great community with the correct people. To the person who made this comment, I would like to offer you a free class just to come in and see what we're all about and you're also welcome to speak your views if you like.

After the Fourth of July weekend, there was trash at the Complex on the ball diamond and left from people watching the fireworks. There were plenty of trash cans and dumpsters conveniently located around the park. The Complex is one of Sikeston's best recreation areas. Please help to keep it clean.

Does Scott County have a Republican Women's Association? I know Cape County does and was just wondering if there is one in Scott County.

Since school is out, I would like for a young boy or girl to help me with my computer. If anyone is interested, please leave a phone number in SpeakOut.

I was riding a bicycle in the north end of New Madrid and I spotted two elderly ladies (I believe to be in their 70s) walking for a local politician. When I spoke to them, they were very cordial. Then as I was riding around the block, I noticed another local politician riding around in a golf cart, much younger than these ladies, also politicking. Would you vote for the walking working or would you vote for the easy rider?